The therapists role in maintaining health and safety in their place of work

The employer/manager is responsible for the management and control of health, safety and welfare issues, which will ensure a safe environment for all persons working in or attending the salon/clinic. However, all therapists at work also have a duty under the Act.

Employees are required to:

® take reasonable care to avoid harm to themselves or to others by their behaviour or working practices

® cooperate with and help employers/managers to meet the statutory requirements

® refrain from misusing or interfering with anything provided to protect the health, safety and welfare of all persons as required by the Act.

To comply with these requirements you must: ® not put yourself or others at risk by your actions ® abide by salon rules and regulations

® know who is responsible for what in the salon and to whom you should report problems

® always adopt good working practices and follow correct procedures

® be alert to any hazard that may pose a risk to yourself or to others and promptly take the appropriate action to minimise or eliminate the risk. If you are unable to, or unsure of how to deal quickly with a hazard, then you must report the situation to someone else immediately. Seek advice from a supervisor or someone qualified to deal with the situation

® be competent in selecting appropriate treatments and in administering them correctly and safely to the clients

® follow the correct technique for all treatments, understand the effects, and be alert to contra-indications and contra-actions

® adopt high professional standards of dress and appearance

® maintain the highest standards of personal and salon hygiene

® report faulty equipment to the person responsible for dealing with these issues

® not ignore any hazard or risk; make sure that corrective action is taken

© keep a record of and report any problems that you have identified and rectified

® inform your supervisor and colleagues and be prepared to discuss issues of health and safety with all other workers, as shared knowledge makes for a safer working environment.

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    What is the role of the therapist in maintaining health and safety in the workplace?
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