The Health and Safety Executive HSE

This is a body of people appointed to enforce health and safety law. Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive or from your Local Authority have the statutory right to inspect your workplace at any time, with or without prior notice. During the visit the inspector will be looking at the premises, the working environment and the work practices. S/he will check that you are complying with health and safety law and will assess whether there are any hazards or risks to the health, safety or welfare of anyone on the premises.

The inspectors can:

@ inspect all aspects relating to health, safety and welfare ® take photographs

® ask questions or talk to anyone in the salon @ investigate any complaint ® offer guidance and advice.

The inspector will ensure that those in charge have arrangements in place for consulting with, training and informing all staff on all matters relating to health, safety and welfare. All staff will be given the opportunity to speak to the inspector privately should they wish to do so. The inspector will provide information and highlight areas of concern to the employers. S/he will also explain why enforcement action is to be taken.

If a breach of the law is found, the inspector will decide what action to take. The action will depend on the severity of the problem.

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