^^ The stance is stride standing.

^^ Loosely clench the fingers; keep the thumb against the hand.

^^ Straighten the elbows.

^^ Place the loosely clenched hands on the part so that the back of the fingers and heel of the hand lie in contact with the part.

^^ Extend and flex the wrist and lift the arms slightly so Figure 6 3 Beating that the hands fall alternately and heavily on the part.

^^ Work up and down or across the area and ensure that you cover it thoroughly four to six times.

The movement should be brisk and rhythmical. The pressure can vary from light to heavy, depending on the required outcome and the type of tissue being worked on. Well-toned bulky muscles or a depth of adipose tissue (fat) will be suitable for heavier pressure.

It is usual to work with both hands striking the part alternately, but it is possible over small or awkward areas to use one hand only, supporting the tissues with the other.

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