^^ The stance is usually stride standing.

^^ The hands must be warm, relaxed and supple.

^^ The tissues are grasped in the palm of the hand and held between the fingers and thumb (taking care not to pinch).

^^ The tissues are lifted away from the bone.

^^ The tissues are moved diagonally from side to side by pushing the fingers of one hand towards the thumb of the opposite hand.

Figure 5.4 Wringing to the lateral aspect of the back.

Keeping the tissues in the palm and lifted away from the bone, the hands move up and down along the length of the part, pushing the flesh from side to side. Do not pinch with the thumbs and fingers of the same hand.

The hands work up and down until the area is well covered and return to starting point.

Remember the fingers of the right hand work with the thumb of the left hand to press the flesh diagonally, then the fingers of the left hand move towards the thumb of the right hand. Wringing can only be performed over areas of loose or supple tissue that can be lifted away from the bone. Where tissues are firmly adhered to the bone, such as over the ribs or lateral aspect of the thigh where the fascia lata firmly binds the tissues, then wringing is difficult, ineffective and should be avoided.

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