Table 21 continued

Connective tissue

Muscular tissue

Nervous tissue

Areolar Connecting skin to tissues and muscles, lying around muscle bundles and binding muscles together

Adipose Stores fat under skin and around organs

Dense fibrous Gives tensile strength - ligaments and tendons Yellow elastic Gives elasticity to skin and walls of arteries Reticular Found in lymphatic tissue

Cartilage Fibro-cartilage - intervertebral discs

Elastic cartilage - outer ear Hyaline cartilage - covers the ends of bones at joints

Bone Compact - outer layer of bones

Cancellous - inner mass of bones Blood Fluid connective tissue; transports substances around body and regulates body temperature

Skeletal Produces body movement, maintains posture and produces heat

Cardiac Heart muscle maintains pumping action

Smooth Walls of blood vessels and intestines - peristalsis

Neurones Pick up stimuli and conduct impulses to other neurones, muscle fibres or glands Neuroglia Supporting substance that protects neurones

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