Singlehanded picking up technique

This method is performed with one hand grasping the muscle. ^^ The stance is walk standing. ^^ Spread the thumb away from the fingers, i.e.

abduct the thumb.

Place the thumb on one side of the muscle or group and the fingers together on the other side.

^^ Grasp and lift the muscle in the palm of the hand, squeezing with the thumb and fingers (do not pinch).

Squeezing Technique

Release the muscle and move the hand forward, Fjgure 5 5 sing|e.handed picking up pushing upward with the palm and web of the abducted thumb. Slight flexion and extension of the wrist accompanies this movement.

of biceps.

^^ The hand moves upwards in this manner, picking up, squeezing, releasing and moving on.

^^ The hand may work up and down, or it may work up and slide back down. ^^ Use the other hand to support the tissues.

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Acupuncture For Cynics

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