1. Explain six benefits of massage to a sportsperson.

2. Give the four categories where massage would be used.

3. Explain briefly why hard training must be balanced with adequate rest.

4. List any six symptoms that may result from over-training and incomplete rest.

5. Explain what is meant by the term 'homeostasis'.

6. List the objectives of:

(a) pre-event massage

(b) post-event massage.

7. Explain the effects of pre-event massage.

8. Explain briefly why lactic acid builds up within a muscle during exercise and how massage helps its removal.

9. Suggest the manipulations you would use for a postevent massage. Give reasons for your selection.

10. Explain why training massage helps the athlete to train more frequently.

11. List six common minor injuries that may occur during training or performance.

12. Give the immediate first aid procedure following injury.

13. Explain why massage should not be given immediately following injury.

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