1. Give the meaning of the term 'contra-indication'.

2. List the reasons for the importance of a detailed consultation.

3. Name two contra-indications where medical advice should be sought.

4. Name two conditions where extra care should be taken.

5. Explain the factors you would consider when conducting an examination of a client prior to massage.

6. Explain briefly why high ethical standards are required in a massage therapist.

7. List ten factors that contribute to ethical behaviour.

8. State briefly how you would deal with a difficult client.

9. List the important factors that ensure high standards of personal hygiene.

10. Explain why the therapist's nails should be short and free of nail enamel.

11. Explain why outdoor clothing should not be worn in the treatment area.

12. Discuss the importance of psychological preparation prior to massage.

13. List the important environmental factors to consider when preparing the massage area.

14. Explain why the lighting in the working area should be soft and unobtrusive.

15. Give the factors that you would consider when purchasing a massage couch.

16. Explain how you would prepare the couch for massage.

17. List the items that must be arranged on the trolley prior to massage.

18. State why it is important to have a selection of oils and creams available.

19. Give the factors that must be considered when positioning the client on the couch.

20. Explain how you would position a client with lordosis to ensure maximum comfort.

21. Explain how you would position a client for massage to the neck and upper back.

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