Walk around your salon looking for all the hazards that pose a risk of harm to anyone entering the salon. Consider the hazards mentioned in this text, or any others. Ask colleagues if they have identified anything that may pose a risk. List all the hazards that you have identified.

Check the procedures and controls already in place and ensure that they meet legal requirements.

List the hazards and risks that require action and state the action needed to eliminate them. Give priority to high risks, those that may cause the most serious damage and those that affect the greatest number of people. These should receive immediate attention. Inform all staff of your findings and ensure that they are trained in the new procedures. Set a date for the next risk assessment. Keep a record of the risk assessment in an easily accessible identified place.

Table 1.1 Example record card for risk assessment

Name of workplace: Signed:


List the significant hazards

List the groups of people who are at risk

List the existing controls or note where they can be found

List and date the actions to be taken to introduce effective controls

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