Preparation of trolley or table

® Select a trolley or table with a hard, smooth surface, free of cracks and easy to clean. Ensure that it is robust and sturdy so that it cannot be pushed over. Wheels are an advantage as the trolley may be pulled or pushed into a convenient position.

® Place the trolley near the massage couch so that all items will be to hand when required.

® Wipe the shelves with disinfectant of the correct dilution.

® Cover the shelves with paper sheets - fold under all edges for neatness.

® Arrange cleaned bottles and bowls neatly on this sheet. Always place commodities in the same order to ensure that they are easy to identify and reach when needed. Plastic baskets may be used to hold the bottles neatly. Clean these with disinfectant before loading.

® The following items should be laid out on the top shelf of the trolley:

a) a bottle of cologne - for cleaning the skin if the client has not taken a shower b) a bottle of surgical spirit - to clean the feet c) a good quality oil, lotion or cream - used as a medium for the massage d) talcum powder or corn starch - these powders may be used instead of oil or cream as a massage medium. They work well for very hairy clients e) a bowl containing tissues and balls of cotton wool f) a bowl for placing the client's jewellery is sometimes used, but it is much safer to ask the client to place jewellery in her/his bag and place this under the couch.

® A bowl for waste, lined with clean disposable tissue, should be placed on a lower shelf, or a bin with disposable liner may be placed under the trolley. This is to avoid the risk of contamination of the commodities.

® Cover the shelf and commodities with a clean paper sheet when not in use. This will protect items from dust and dirt.

® At the end of each day, strip the trolley down. Wipe the shelves with disinfectant, clean all the bottles and bowls, then either store the commodities in a cupboard ready for use the following day or re-lay the trolley and cover.

Figure 3.3 A prepared massage trolley.

Clean a trolley or table and prepare it for massage.

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