Preparation of client

© Speak to the client in a polite and friendly manner.

© Maintain client privacy at all times.

© Take the client's outdoor clothes or show her/him where to hang them.

© Show the client the treatment area and shower room.

© Ask the client to undress and give her/him a robe or towel to wear.

© Ask the client to remove all jewellery and place it in a bag for safe keeping.

© Instruct the client how to use the shower.

© Bring the client back to the treatment area.

© Carry out a client consultation and discuss the treatment. As previously explained, the first consultation will be the longest but a short consultation should take place before every treatment. This will establish if there have been any changes and will provide feedback and results of the last treatment.

© Explain fully and ask if the client has any queries. Allow time for the client to discuss problems and ask questions, and answer these fully.

© If the client has long hair, ask her/him to tie it up, or provide a protective cover.

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