Occipito frontalis

Corrugator Nasalis

Orbicularis oculi Levators of the upper lip Zygomaticus



Depressor anguli oris

Orbicularis oris Digastric


Covers top of skull

Between the eyebrows

Side of nose

Surrounds the eye

Above the upper lip

Above the corner of the mouth to zygmatic bone

Deep, horizontal in the cheek

Between mandible and zygomatic arch

Below corner of the mouth

Around the mouth Beneath the chin

Covers the side and front of neck

Raises the eyebrows (surprise); wrinkles the forehead (frowning); moves the scalp

Draws eyebrows inwards and down Compresses the nostrils Closes the eye gently or tightly Raise the upper lip Raises the corner of the mouth

Draws the teeth towards the teeth when chewing

Raises the mandible to close the mouth

Draws corner of the mouth downwards

Closes and protrudes the lips

Protrudes the jaw; depresses the mandible

Depresses the angle of the mouth; wrinkles the skin of the neck.

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