After you have studied this chapter you will be able to:

1. explain what is meant by the term 'ethics'

2. list the factors that contribute to professional behaviour

3. explain why safety and hygiene are important to the therapist

4. discuss the factors to consider when preparing the working area

5. prepare the working area

6. discuss the important factors to consider when selecting a massage couch

7. prepare a massage couch for treatment

8. discuss the procedure for preparing the working trolley

9. prepare the working trolley

10. explain the importance of having a selection of massage lubricants on the trolley

11. give the factors that contribute to high standards of personal hygiene

12. discuss the psychological preparation for massage

13. explain how you would prepare and position a client for massage

14. prepare and position a client for massage

15. discuss the importance and purpose of detailed consultation

16. carry out a detailed consultation

17. recognise the importance of keeping accurate records of every procedure

18. list the essential information required on a record card

19. design a record card for use in massage

20. list the contra-indications to massage

21. recognise the conditions where medical advice must be sought

22. identify conditions where extra care must be taken

23. recognise the importance of explaining and agreeing the treatment plan with the client including the purpose, long-term objective, time scale and cost.

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