Massage routine

The suggested massage routine for the leg is as follows: ® effleurage (front, sides and back) ® deeper effleurage over thigh

® alternate palmar kneading over abductors and adductors

Figure 7.2 Effleurage to the lower leg.

Figure 7.4 Thumb kneading around the patella.

Figure 7.3 Deep effleurage to thigh.
Figure 7.5 Alternate palmar kneading to abductors and adductors.

® reinforced or double-handed kneading over quadriceps wringing to thigh (medial to lateral and back) picking up - reinforced or double handed deep effleurage to thigh thumb kneading around patella effleurage to lower leg thumb kneading to anterior tibials (lateral to shin bone) ® alternate palmar kneading to calf stroking to dorsal surface of foot digital kneading around malleoli thumb kneading between metatarsals kneading to toes ulnar border kneading to sole of foot thumb kneading to sole of foot ® effleurage to whole leg.

Hacking and cupping are added to the thigh for a more invigorating massage, but not for a relaxing one.

Figure 7.6 Ulnar border kneading to the sole.

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