Massage routine

The suggested massage routine for the back is as follows:

stroking over back for palpating and sensing the tissues effleurage over back effleurage over trapezius (neck and shoulders)

digital or thumb kneading to upper fibres of trapezius digital or thumb kneading from neck down between scapulae circular kneading around scapulae reinforced stroking around scapulae (figure of eight)

® alternate palmar kneading all over back reinforced kneading to waist

Figure 7.22

Reinforced stroking around scapulae.

Figure 7.23

Stroking down erector spinae.

® wringing along hip, waist and side of ribs (if suitable)

® double-handed kneading over back (one side to other and back in four strips)

® transverse stroking over back

® thumb kneading to sacrum

® digital kneading down right and left erector spinae

® stroking down right and left erector spinae

® effleurage over back.

Light hacking and cupping over the back may be included for an invigorating massage.

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