Manual massage

This forms an important part of the treatment and should conclude the treatment plan. As with mechanical massage, all manipulations must follow the direction of venous return and lymphatic drainage. As the flow in these vessels is speeded up, fluid and metabolites from tissue cells and spaces are removed more efficiently, reducing stagnation (stasis). The arterial circulation will in turn increase, bringing nutrients and oxygen to nourish the tissues, and the metabolic rate will increase. This improves the stagnant area. It may be that fat needed for fuel will be mobilised from this stimulated area, but there is no scientific research evidence to prove this.

Figure 8.4 Hacking over the buttocks.

The heavier manipulations of kneading, picking up, wringing, hacking, cupping, beating and pounding may be used over the areas of cellulite, according to client needs. The greater the depth and the more consolidated and harder the cellulite, the deeper the manipulations should be unless the area is sensitive and painful, when manipulations must be within the tolerance of the client. Deep, brisk effleurage along the length of the area should conclude the massage.

If galvanic treatment has been used, remember that the area under the pads will be very sensitive. Therefore massage may be given proximal to (above) the area and around the padded areas to conclude the treatment.

Figure 8.5 Cupping over the buttocks.

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