This is an exaggerated curve of the thoracic region.

The weak stretched muscles that require strengthening are:

the middle fibres of trapezius, the rhomboids and the middle part of erector spinae.

The tight muscles that require stretching are: pectoralis major and the neck extensors.

^Exa^ jj thoracic curve

Figure 8.7 Kyphosis.


Sitting or stride standing - gently drop the head forward pulling chin in, press the head back making a long neck and raise.

Lax stoop sitting - raise the trunk gradually from the base of spine upwards.

Lying, arms at right angles with elbows bent - retract the shoulders pressing back of hand into the floor.

Prone lying, hands clasped behind back - keep chin in, pull shoulders back and lift head and shoulders off the floor.

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Fire Up Your Core

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