Flat back

This is a condition where there is little or no lumbar curve and the pelvis is tilted backwards. It may be accompanied by kyphosis of the thoracic spine.

The weak stretched muscles that require strengthening are: the back extensors, namely erector spinae (in some cases the abdominals and gluteus maximus are weak).

The tight muscles that require stretching are: the hamstrings on the posterior thigh.

Flat back

Figure 8.10 Flat back.

Q Body Massage Therapy Basics CORRECTIVE EXERCISES

Sitting - lean forward, taking the pressure from the buttocks on to the thigh, then extend the back to create a lumbar lordosis. Hold for a count of ten then release.

Prone lying - raise alternate legs.

Prone lying - raise both legs (this exercise is allowed for this condition). Prone kneeling - arch and hollow the back.

Long sitting - rotate the pelvis forward, then lean backwards to arch lower back.

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