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After each treatment it is important to assess how effective the treatment has been. You must decide whether the treatment has produced the effects that you were expecting, and whether the goals you set at the beginning have been met.

In order to evaluate the treatment you will need to obtain feedback: this means gathering all the information you can, which will indicate the effectiveness of the treatment. Knowledge of the results of the treatment will enable you to make changes or modifications next time should you feel that you have not achieved your goal.

You will obtain information through touch, i.e. sensing through your hands whether the tissues feel more flexible, pliable and less tense. You will also obtain information by looking at the area to see what changes have been produced. You will acquire more information through asking the client how s/he feels and whether the treatment met her/his needs.

As a result of the information you obtain from this feedback you will decide if changes need to be made and formulate a strategy for the next treatment. You have to make a judgement as to whether your selected treatment has been as effective as you hoped.

Q Body Massage Therapy Basics

Through palpating the tissues you will sense whether the tissues feel more relaxed.

^ Are the tissues softer?

^ Are the tissues more flexible and extensible?

^ Have fibrous or fatty nodules disappeared?

^ Do the tissues feel warm but not too hot?

By looking at and examining the area you will obtain visual feedback. ^ Is there a good even erythema?

^ Are there uneven patches of erythema, which would suggest uneven pressure?

^ Is the area very red and hot, which would indicate over-treating or a mild allergic reaction to the lubricant?

^ Are there red sore spots over bony prominences indicating that these were not avoided? By questioning the client you will obtain verbal feedback.

^ How did that feel?

^ Did you enjoy the massage?

^ Did any part of the massage feel uncomfortable?

^ Did it hurt anywhere?

^ Was it as you expected it to be?

^ Was the pressure even throughout?

^ Did you feel that you would have liked me to spend a longer time on any area? ^ Was there any area that you would prefer me to leave out next time? ^ Do you feel entirely satisfied with the treatment?

Allow the client time to relax and get up slowly. Discuss with the client any changes that you intend making next time and explain the reasons why they are needed. Record the results of the feedback and the strategy for following treatments on the record card. Always refer to these each time the client attends.

Give home advice as appropriate.

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How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

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