Essential information

The following personal, medical and environmental factors should be recorded on the consultation card:


© home and work telephone numbers ® occupation

® doctor's name, address and telephone number

These details will enable you to contact the client quickly should you need to cancel or change an appointment or for any other reason. They will also enable you to seek advice from his/her doctor should this be necessary.


® surgical operations

® pregnancies ® serious illness

These details will enable you to establish the client's state of health; the likelihood of any contra-indications as a result of past illnesses; whether particular care must be taken over certain areas and whether medical referral is necessary. If the client suffers from a condition that is an absolute contra-indication (see page 115 on), then massage must not be given.


® medication

® general health ® current treatments

® identification of stress: work, home or other sources

These details will indicate whether massage will be helpful to this client and will influence the type of massage to be given, e.g. if the client is stressed then a relaxing massage will be the choice. If there is pain and stiffness then the massage will be adapted to meet these needs.


® contra-indications

® has client received massage in the past? ® how long ago? ® number of sessions ® did client benefit from the massage? ® reasons for requesting massage

These details will again highlight contra-indications that will indicate whether massage would be suitable for the client. They will also provide information regarding the client's previous experience of massage. Did s/he find it beneficial, are there any preferences, likes and dislikes that should be recorded?


® posture


® skin type: smooth/supple; dry/flaky; loose/stretched

® stretch marks

Figure 3.1 Initial client consultation.

Figure 3.1 Initial client consultation.

® areas of hard fat/cellulite © areas of soft fat © general muscle tone © bony protuberances © fluid retention

© disfiguration or distortion of surface anatomy © other factors that may affect massage

These details will enable you to select the appropriate massage and massage medium to be used for the client, e.g. clients with dry flaky skin will require a suitably lubricating medium; thin crepy skin and bony protuberances will require lighter manipulations. They will also indicate the depth and adaptations necessary to suit the client, e.g. hard fat can take more pressure than soft fat, but areas of cellulite can be painful if pressure is too great. Well-toned clients often prefer a brisker, deeper massage than clients with poor muscle tone. Details of posture, height and weight must be recorded at the beginning of the treatment and compared throughout the course.


© reasons for requesting massage

© expectations from the treatment © any concerns or worries

This information will help you to formulate the best treatment plan to meet the needs of the client. The plan should then be fully explained to the client; s/he must be given the opportunity to ask questions and given full answers to allay any concerns or fears. The long-term objective, the cost and timing must be agreed and a consent form signed by the client.

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