These include a variety of worms and flukes. Infestation is usually the result of poor standards of hygiene and insanitary conditions. Worms may be passed on to humans through contaminated food or water, while undercooked pork and beef are a source of tapeworms. Threadworms, tapeworms and roundworms live in the intestine and may cause diarrhoe^ weakness Figure 1.15 Worms and flukes. and anaemia. Liver flukes live in the bile ducts and liver, causing jaundice, while some serious types of fluke invade small blood vessels, causing serious illness.

The body's defences are not effective against these infestations and drug treatment is essential to eliminate the worms.

These anthelmintic drugs kill or paralyse the worms and they pass out of the body in faeces. If serious complications have occurred, other drugs may be necessary to deal with these.

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