^^ The alternate squeezing and releasing action of the hands on the tissues again increases the circulation to the area, removing waste products and bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area, thus improving the condition of the tissues.

^^ Tissue fluid is squeezed from tissue spaces and the flow of lymph is speeded up.

^^ The increased blood flow will increase metabolism and stimulate and improve the condition of the tissues.

^^ The increased blood flow will raise the temperature of the area slightly, which will aid relaxation and relieve pain.

^^ This manipulation improves the elasticity and extensibility of the tissues; it stretches tight fascia and tight muscle fibres. It is very useful for easing tension and mobilising large muscle groups, especially before and after exercise.

^^ When used over areas of adipose tissue, it stimulates and helps to soften the area.

^^ It has a sedative effect on nerve endings when performed in a slow, rhythmical relaxing manner, but it stimulates the area when performed briskly and vigorously.

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