COSHH requires you to

Assess the risk from exposure to hazardous substances to anyone using your workplace. You will need to examine all the substances stored and used in your salon and identify the ones that could cause damage or injury. You will need to consider any risks that these substances present to people's health.

Decide what precautions need to be taken. Check the manufacturers' advice on use, storage and disposal. Read the label carefully. Consider whether the substance can enter the body or damage any part of the body. Take action to protect employees and others. Consider the use of gloves, masks and other protective clothing. Ensure that your control systems are in place and effective.

Control or reduce the exposure to hazardous substances. Consider the use of other, safer, products. Store all products safely and label them clearly to reduce any errors in handling. Wear gloves when handling cleaning agents. Take care when handling and using fine powders such as talc; avoid releasing the fine particles into the air and avoid inhaling any powders; also protect your client.

Ensure that control measures are in place and regularly monitored for effectiveness. Keep records of all control measures and any tests or problems arising. These records should be kept for at least five years.

Prepare procedures to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies. Immediate steps must be taken to minimise the harmful effects and damage. These procedures should be clearly written and placed in a prominent and accessible place.

Train and supervise all staff. Ensure that all employees understand the risks from all the hazardous substances they have to deal with. Inform them of the rules and regulations for using, storing and transporting or disposing of hazardous substances.

Ensure that all employees understand the importance of reporting any problems or shortcomings when dealing with hazardous substances.

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