Conditions that benefit from massage

During the initial detailed client consultation you will have established why massage is a suitable treatment for the client. The type of massage will vary depending on the desired outcomes of the treatment and on the age, physical and mental condition of the client.

It is important to be flexible and adaptable, and to avoid keeping rigidly to set routines. Manipulations and routines must be adapted to suit each client - some manipulations may be omitted while others will be used more extensively. Massage is beneficial for a variety of conditions and problems:

® to relieve stress and tension and promote relaxation

® to stimulate a lethargic client suffering mental and physical fatigue (to promote alertness) ® to relieve muscle fatigue, pain and soreness (post-performance or event) ® to relax very painful, stiff muscles

® to prepare and warm muscles prior to specific activities (pre-performance or event) ® to relieve or reduce areas of oedema (swelling) ® to stimulate and soften areas of cellulite

® to promote figure awareness during weight loss when used in conjunction with other treatments and diet

® to improve digestion and relieve constipation

® to improve the condition and tone of the skin

® to relieve stress for clients with certain heart and blood pressure conditions

® to relieve pain and stiffness in specific areas, particularly in the upper and lower back or to treat fibrositis.

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