The leg contains the following bones: © femur: thigh bone

© tibia: medial and larger bone of the lower leg © fibula: lateral and thinner bone of the lower leg

® patella: small bone on front of the knee joint that allows the patella tendon of the quadriceps muscle to move smoothly over the knee joint

© tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges of the ankle and foot.

■ Gluteus medius


Patella Tibia



Patella Tibia


-Tensorfasciae latae

-Sartorius -Adductor group

- Rectus femoris

-Vastus lateralis -Vastus medialis

• Gluteus maximus

-Tibialis anterior

- Peroneus longus

- Extensor digitorum longus

Biceps femoris


■ Semitendinosus

■ Gastrocnemius

Tarsal bones Metatarsal bones | Phalanges

Figure 7.1 Anatomy of the leg: (a) bones (b) muscles (anterior) (c) muscles (posterior).

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