Back of leg

This is usually performed after the abdomen, when the client has turned over, and before the back routine.

effleurage to back of leg and buttock deep effleurage to thigh and buttock double-handed kneading to thigh and buttock reinforced kneading to top of thigh and buttock double-handed picking up to hamstrings deep effleurage to thigh and buttock effleurage to calf

Figure 7.6 Ulnar border kneading to the sole.

Figure 7.7 Effleurage of back of leg.
Figure 7.8 Double-handed kneading Figure 7.9 Hacking to the thigh. to hamstrings.

® reinforced kneading to calf ® wringing to calf

® reinforced or single-handed picking up to calf ® effleurage to calf ® effleurage to leg.

Hacking, cupping, beating and pounding are used on the buttock for an invigorating massage and for treatment of cellulite.

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