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In which disease is there a diminution of cognitive functioning and a likelihood of genetic influence?

Which chromosome has three copies in Down syndrome, and is also implicated in some cases of Alzheimer disease?

What other chromosome(s) have been identified to be associated with Alzheimer disease?

Which gene has been implicated in many cases of Alzheimer disease?

In which chromosome is the Apo E4 gene located?

What disease has an abnormal gene on the short end of chromosome 4?

What is the most common genetic cause of mental retardation?

Alzheimer disease Chromosome 21

Note: Down syndrome patients often develop early-onset Alzheimer.

Chromosomes 1 and 14

The gene encoding Apolipoprotein E4 (Apo E4)

Chromosome 19 Huntington disease Down syndrome

What is the second most common Fragile X syndrome genetic cause of mental retardation?

What disorder, characterized by verbal Tourette disorder and motor tics, has a genetic component?

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