Influence Of Medical Conditions On Sexuality

What effect does a myocardial Decreased libido infarction have on sexual activity? Erectile dysfunction

Which postmyocardial infarction patients can resume sexual activity?

Which problem is common in diabetic men?

Patients who can tolerate increases in heart rate from 110 to 130 bpm

Erectile dysfunction

What are the two main causes of erectile dysfunction in diabetics?

What is the primary treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetics?

What effect does spinal cord dysfunction have on sexual functioning in men?

What effect does pregnancy have on sexual functioning?

During what time period prior to pregnancy should a woman cease sexual activity?

1. Diabetic neuropathy

2. Vascular changes

Metabolic control monitored by hemoglobin A1c level

Decreased fertility Erectile dysfunction Orgasmic dysfunction Reduced testosterone levels Retrograde ejaculation into the bladder

Decreased sex drive ^ most common. Increased sex drive and pelvic vasocongestion may occur.

4 weeks before expected delivery

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