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The Bad Breath Report Summary

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Halitosis, or bad breath, can be caused by tooth decay, smoking, gingivitis (see above), indigestion (seepage 234), tonsillitis, sinusitis (see page 226), or fasting. To test whether your breath smells, breathe into the cupped palms of your hands and inhale. SELF-HELP Avoid foods and drinks that leave a strong odor behind or cause indigestion. If you smoke, stop. Visit your dentist regularly and practice good oral hygiene. Halitosis associated with tooth decay and gingivitis

Terebinth pistacia terebinthus l anacardiaceae

Gardens Pistacia Vera California

Adenopathy (f JLH) Albuminuria (f BIB HOC) Amenorrhea (f BIB) Arthrosis (f JLH) Ascites (f DAW) Bite (f HJP) Bleeding (f DEP) Callus (f JLH) Cancer (f DEP HJP) Cancer, brain (f JLH) Cancer, breast (f HJP) Cancer, diaphragm (f HJP) Cancer, face (f HJP) Cancer, lip (f HJP) Cancer, liver (f HJP) Cancer, medullary (f HJP) Cancer, pylorus (f HJP) Cancer, rectum (f HJP) Cancer, spleen (f HJP) Cancer, stomach (f JLH) Cancer, testicle (f HJP) Cancer, tongue (f HJP) Cancer, uterus (f HJP) Cancer, vagina (f HJP) Carcinoma (f JLH) Caries (f EFS) Cheilosis (f JLH) Colic (f DEP) Corn (f JLH) Cough (f HJP) Cyst (f JLH) Dermatosis (f HOC JLH) Diarrhea (f BIB) Diaphragmo-sis (f HJP) Dyspepsia (f DEP HJP) Encephalosis (f JLH) Epithelioma (f JLH) Excrescences (f JLH) Fever (f HJP) Fungus (f X126288418) Gastrosis (f JLH) Glossosis (f JLH) Gout (f HOC) Halitosis (f HJP) Hepatosis (f JLH) Impotence (f HJP) Induration (f JLH) Infection (1 X126288418) Inflammation (f1 HJP X11988853) Mastosis (f JLH)...

Indications Coriander

Adenopathy (f KAB) Ameba (f PH2) Amenorrhea (f JFM) Anorexia (f2 APA EFS KOM PH2) Arthrosis (f BIB HHB) Asthenia (f BOU) Bacillus (1 HH2 X15612768) Bacteria (1 PH2 X15612768) Biliousness (f BIB DEP SUW) Bleeding (f DEP EGG PH2) BO (f APA) Bron-chosis (f KAB) Burn (f BOU) Cancer (f JLH) Cancer, abdomen (f JLH) Cancer, colon (f JLH) Cancer, sinew (f JLH) Cancer, spleen (f JLH) Cancer, uterus (f JLH) Carbuncle (f BOU DEP) Cardiopathy (f BIB GHA) Catarrh (f BIB) Chickenpox (f PH2 SKJ) Childbirth (f IHB PH2) Cholecocystosis (f PHR) Cholera (f BOU) Colic (f DEP GHA HHB) Condyloma (f JLH) Conjunctivosis (f DEP GHA) Coryza (f KAB) Cough (f IHB PHR PH2) Cramp (f1 BGB BIB PH2) Cystosis (f PH2) Dermatosis (f PHR PH2) Diabetes (f JFM) Diarrhea (f APA EGG HHB) Dysentery (f1 APA PHR PH2) Dyspepsia (f12 APA DEP GHA HHB KOM PH2) Dysuria (f PH2) Edema (f PH2) Enterosis (f2 BGB JLH PHR PH2) Epistaxis (f EGG PH2) Erotomania (f BIB) Erysipelas (f BIB) Erythema (f DEP) Escherichia (1 HH2 X15612768) Fever...

Indications Camelthorn

Abscess (f BIB KAB) Adenopathy (f JLH UPW) Anorexia (f BIB SAY) Arthrosis (f GHA) Asthma (f BIB) Atherosclerosis (1 WO3) Bacteria (1 WO2) Biliousness (f DEP) Bleeding (f BIB) Bronchosis (f BIB) Cancer (f JLH) Cancer, abdomen (f JLH) Cancer, gland (f JLH) Cardiopathy (1 X1305866) Cataract (f GHA PAY) Catarrh (f PAY) Cerebrosis (f BIB) Constipation (f PAY) Corneosis (f BIB) Cough (f DEP PAY) Dermatosis (f BIB) Diarrhea (f1 SAY X15138016) Enterosis (f UPW) Epistaxis (f BIB) Fever (f PAY) Gastrosis (f PAY) Gingivosis (f PAY) Halitosis (f PAY) Headache (f BIB WO3) Hematachezia (f PAY) Hemicrania (f BIB KAB) Hemorrhoid (f BIB KAB) High Blood Pressure (1 WO3) High Cholesterol (1 WO3) High Triglycerides (1 WO3) Impotence (f PAY) Infection (f1 PAY WO2) Jaundice (f GHA) Leprosy (f BIB KAB) Migraine (f BIB) Nephrosis (f PAY) Obesity (f1 BIB KAB WO3) Odontosis (f PAY) Opacity (f BIB) Ophthalmia (f KAB) Pain (f1 GHA WO3 X15507342) Polyp (f JLH) Pulmonosis (f JLH PAY WO3) Rheumatism (f PAY WO2)...

Functional properties and toxicity

Appetizing, digestive, anthelmintic, constipating, sudorific, febrifuge, stimulant, galacta-gogue and expectorant. It is also useful in skin diseases, haemorrhoids, cephalalgia, jaundice, inflammation, fever, paralysis, ophthalmia, halitosis, anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence, diarrhoea, dysentery, cough, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, helminthiasis especially tapeworm, strangury, intermittent fevers, agalaetia and vitiated conditions of vata and kapha in the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicines.

Historical Cultivation And Usage

In the Old World, Piper species, including P. Guineense, have been in use for centuries in various official and anecdotal remedies. These include use in mouthwash and dental diseases, halitosis, loss of voice and sore throat, fever, and cough, and as a counter-irritant (Schmidt, 2009). In traditional Chinese medicine, Piper is used for its alleged warming effect. In Tibetan medicine, Piper is one of the six herbs claimed to benefit specific organs, being assigned to the spleen. Sir Richard Burton's book, The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, mentioned cubeb as the main ingredient of an aphrodisiac remedy for infertility. Similarly, the 1827 edition of the London Dispensatorie informed that cubeb stir s up venery very profitable for cold grief of the womb (Katzer, 1998). Furthermore, in England, a small amount of Piper was often included in lozenges designed to alleviate bronchitis, owing to its antiseptic and expectorant properties.

Can GERD manifest as mouth symptoms in the absence oftypical chest discomfort

When acid enters the mouth, it brings with it some of the contents of the stomach, such as partially digested food, stomach enzymes, and acid that can leave a sour and bitter taste. If regurgitation occurs often, people can develop bad breath or dental problems. Acid regurgitation can cause cavities or can damage tooth enamel which results in discoloration of the teeth. However, before you attribute bad breath to GERD, have a dentist check to ensure that no cavities could be causing the bad breath. As you can see, the symptoms in your mouth (e.g., bad breath, pasty saliva) can be very different from the painful symptoms such as heartburn in your chest.

Functional properties

The powdered fruit of allspice is used in traditional medicine to treat flatulence, dyspepsia, diarrhoea and as a remedy for depression, nervous exhaustion, tension, neuralgia and stress. In small doses it can also help to cure rheumatism, arthritis, stiffness, chills, congested coughs, bronchitis, neuralgia and rheumatism. It has anaesthetic, analgesic, antioxidant, antiseptic, carminative, muscle relaxant, rubefacient, stimulant and purgative properties (Rema and Krishn-amoorthy, 1989). It is also useful for oral hygiene and in cases of halitosis. An aqueous suspension of allspice is reported to have anti-ulcer and cytoprotective activity by protecting gastric mucosa against indomethacin and various other necrotizing agents in rats (Rehaily et al., 2002) The major function of allspice is to flavour food but it has a subfunction of deodorizing or masking unpleasant odours. The concentration of methyl mercaptan is a major cause of bad breath and it was observed that allspice has a...

Vibrio parahaemolyticus gastroenteritis A

Symptoms Over several days, the gums become sore and inflamed, bleeding at the slightest pressure. Ulcers which bleed spontaneously develop on the gums between the teeth. This is accompanied by bad breath, foul taste, and sometimes swollen glands. As the disease worsens, the ulcers spread along the gum margins and into deeper tissues. Sometimes, the infection spreads to the lips and the lining of the cheeks, causing tissue destruction.

Lilium Tigrinum For Balanitis Treatment

Alopecia 69 hairy henbane see Hyoscyamus niger halitosis 232-33 146-47, 299 Hydrargyrum iodatumflavatum (Merc. iod. flav.) 147, 299 Hydrargyrum metallicum (Merc. sol.) 85, 299 balanitis 264-65 body odor 254-55 gingivitis 232-33 halitosis 232-33 mononucleosis 254-55 mumps 252-53 skin problems in elderly people

Sensory Integration Therapy

Their distress when encountering these sensations can be very intense. Parents sometimes describe the phenomenon as sensory overload. One young woman said that when she was bombarded by unwanted sounds, smells, and sights, her body would shut down. She described feeling completely detached, almost as if her body belonged to someone else or was a piece of furniture. One boy with Asperger syndrome was so sensitive to smells that his mother called doctors in advance of his appointments to remind them not to wear perfume or scented antiperspirant. During one visit, he told his doctor pointedly that she had bad breath and threatened to leave unless she gargled with mouthwash. Many children with AS-HFA find loud noises intolerable and will cover their ears when exposed to them. Some even have difficulty with noises that are not loud and don't bother others, such as the hum of an air conditioner or the sound of a baby crying. Other children have the opposite problem they seem to...

Indigestion When is it functional

Patients often complain of indigestion, but what do they mean Indigestion is an old English word that means lack of adequate digestion, but patients and doctors interpret this in different ways. Many patients mean heartburn or acid regurgitation, the classic symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. Some describe belching, abdominal rumblings, or even bad breath as indigestion. Others mean pain localised to the epigastrium or a non-painful discomfort in the upper abdomen which may be described as fullness, bloating, or an inability to finish a normal meal (early satiety). Dyspepsia is best restricted to mean pain or discomfort centred in the upper abdomen.

Indications Alexandrian Senna

Acne (f WO2) Ameba (f WO2) Anemia (f PH2) Anorexia (f KAB) Biliousness (f WO2) Bronchosis (f WO2) Burn (f WO2) Cancer (f JLH) Cholera (f WO2) Constipation (f12 KOM PH2 PIP WHO) Cramp (F PED) Dermatosis (f WHO) Dysentery (f1 WHO) Dyspepsia (f WHO) Enterosis (f KAB PH2) Fever (f PH2 WHO) Fungus (1 FNF) Gas (f CR2 WHO) Gastrosis (f WO2) Gonorrhea (f WHO) Gout (f WO2) Halitosis (f WO2) Hemorrhoid (f BGB HJP PIP WHO) Hepatosis (f PH2) Herpes (1 WO3) Hiccup (f WO2) Infection (f1 FNF WO2) Jaundice (f PH2) Leprosy (f WO2) Leukemia (1 CAN) Mycosis (1 JAD) Nausea (f WO2) Nerves (f HJP) Pimple (f WO2) Ringworm (f1 JAD) Splenosis (f PH2) Syphilis (f DEP) Typhoid (f PH2 WO2) Venereal Disease (f DEP WHO) Virus (1 WO3) Worm (f WO2) Wound (f WHO).

Risks Associated with Dieting

This type of diet may indeed show an initial period of weight loss, but most of the weight loss is not due to the miracle of 'switching the body's metabolism over to burning fat stores.' It is due to a diet-induced diuresis (Denke 2001 59). A diet low in carbohydrates changes some of the metabolic processes in the body, leading to an increase in the production of urine by the kidneys. Furthermore, these diets calling for elevated quantities of protein may not be healthy because h igh levels of animal protein intakes have been linked to higher risks for coronary heart disease and cancer . . . and also have been linked to higher risks for osteoporosis, and renal disease, but both of these areas are controversial (Anderson et al. 2000 586). High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets also recommend no intake of fruits, vegetables, or grains, which contain many of the important nutrients needed by the body for daily processes. The loss of these foods can cause unwanted health problems, such as...

What are some of the typical symptoms of GERD

The major or typical symptom of GERD is heartburn, but this can vary among individuals. GERD symptoms fall on a spectrum for some they are mild or silent, and for others they can be severe. Heartburn is the feeling described as stomach contents and acid travel up into the chest area. The mildest symptoms may be just a slight sense of uneasiness and burning in the chest that occurs only after meals. You might experience a sour taste in your mouth or have bad breath caused by repeated small amounts of acid coming back up into the mouth. A burning sensation behind the breastbone in the chest can be accompanied by a feeling of nausea or uneasiness. Some people experience a burning or a gnawing discomfort in the pit of their stomachs. In severe cases, GERD can cause pain that may be mistaken for a heart attack.

The role of antimicrobials in the future

Number of S. mutans in the mouth (Caglar et al., 2008) in order to decrease the incidence of tooth decay. Other bacterium normally found in the mouth, and important in this sense, is Streptococcus salivarius, which produces a bacteriocin that inhibits anaerobic Gram-negative bacteria and that in vivo was shown also to reduce the level of halitosis (Burton et al., 2006).

Allergic rhinosinusitis

The major complications of this disorder are due to inflammatory obstruction of the osteomeatal complex. Such obstruction leads to the prevention of normal clearance of the sinuses, diminishes gas exchange leading to lowered oxygen tension, and predisposes one to sinus infection. In this setting, infection is generally due to aerobic bacteria including Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, and Moraxella catarrhalis. In some patients, fungal superinfection may also occur, most commonly due to Alternaria or Aspergillus species. In some patients, aberrant allergic or immunologic responses to the fungi have been presumed to contribute to the histopathologic manifestations of the disease. Acute sinusitis is generally manifest by fever, local pain, and purulent nasal drainage. Symptoms in subacute or chronic sinusitis are generally less specific and include nasal obstruction, diminished sense of smell, halitosis, and postnasal discharge.

Mouth throat conditions

Symptoms Cold sores, mouth ulcers, dental abscesses, and gingivitis (bleeding gums). The lips may be cracked and dry, with a split running down the center of the lower lip. The tongue is bright red with a white coating, and has a tendency to develop blisters. Extreme thirst, a bitter-tasting mouth, and halitosis are also typical symptoms. A sore throat may occur, producing white mucus and the sensation of having a lump in the throat. Symptoms better For fresh air for fasting. Symptoms worse For heat for sea air for emotional stress.

FIGURE 1 Linear gingival erythema Source Courtesy of the International AIDS SocietyUSA From Refs 3 4

Necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis and stomatitis. Rarely encountered in the asymptomatic HIV-infected individual, this form of periodontal disease occurs in up to 50 of AIDS patients (11). Halitosis is a common complaint, along with severe pain and bleeding. On exam, gingival necrosis of the tips of the interdental papillae with formation of ulcers is found (Fig. 2).

Indications Citron

Anorexia (f NAD) Asthma (f1 DAD X15598576) Biliousness (f NAD) Bronchosis (f BIB) Calculus (f KAB) Cancer (f1 DAD JLH) Caries (f KAB) Colic (f DAD) Constipation (f EGG) Cough (f DAD) Cramp (f EGG) Diarrhea (f DAD) Dysentery (f NPM WOI) Dyspepsia (f EGG NAD) Dysuria (f KAB) Earache (f KAB) Enterosis (f DAD) Fever (f NAD) Gastrosis (f DAD) Halitosis (f KAB) Hemorrhoid (f KAB) Hiccough (f KAB) High Blood Pressure (1 WO2) Impotence (f KAB) Infection (f HJP) Inflammation (f1 NAD X15598576) Intoxication (f KAB) Jaundice (f DAD) Leprosy (f KAB) Lumbago (f BIB) Nausea (f NAD) Odontosis (f KAB) Ophthalmia (f HJP) Otosis (f KAB) Palpitation (f WO2) Pharyngosis (f KAB) Rheumatism (f UPW) Sclerosis (f DAD) Seasickness (f BIB) Snakebite (f NAD) Sore Throat (f EGG KAB) Splenosis (f DAD) Sting (f NAD) Stomatosis (f EGG UPW) Stomachache (f DAD HOC) Stomatosis (f EGG UPW) Syphilis (f DAD) Thirst (f NAD) Tumor (f DAD) Venereal Disease (f DAD) Worm (f EGG).

Indications Vetiver

MHK NAD) Colic (f WOI) Dandruff (1 JAR12 83) Dermatosis (f1 EGG MAF JAR12 83) Diabetes (1 MAF) Eczema (f MAF) Enterosis (f HOC VOD) Epilepsy (f SKJ) Fever (f JFM KAB MAF) Flu (f JFM UPW ZUL) Fungus (f1 MAF JAR12 83) Gas (f WOI) Gastrosis (f IHB MAF) Halitosis (f KAB) Hangover (f1 JAD) Headache (f JFM KAB NAD) Hemato-sis (f KAB) Hepatosis (f AHL) Infection (f1 MAF JAR12 83) Inflammation (f MAF MHK) Insomnia (f MAF) Lumbago (f WOI) Malaria (f MAF SKJ ZUL) Mycosis (f1 EGG MAF JAR12 83) Nausea (f MHK) Nesseria (f MAF) Neuralgia (f HOC JFM) Neurosis (f MAF) Odontosis (f MAF) Pain (f MAF VOD) Palpitation (f NAD) Parasite (f VOD) PID (f MAF) Pleurisy (f JFM UPW ZUL) Puerperium (f IHB) Rheumatism (f JFM WOI) Septicemia (f MAF) Snakebite (f SKJ) Spermatorrhea (f KAB) Sprain (f WOI) Staphylococcus (f1 MAF X10438227) Stings (f SKJ) Stomatosis (f MAF SKJ) Toothache (f MAF) Trichophyton (1 JAR12 83) UTI (f MAF) Vomiting (f WOI) Yellow Fever (f UPW). Ayurvedics consider the root alexiteric,...

Winter savory

The rhizomes are bitter, sweet, sour aromatic (a mixture of tastes, starting from bitter initially, turning to a sweet and then sour aromatic sensation), and cooling used as an appetizer, carminative, digestive, stomachic, demulcent, febrifuge, alexeteric, aphrodisiac, laxative, diuretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic and used in the treatment of anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, bruises, wounds, chronic ulcers, skin diseases, pruritus, fever, constipation, hiccough, cough, bronchitis, sprains, gout, halitosis, otalgia and inflammations (Hussain et al., 1992 Warrier et al., 1994).

Getting Help

Crystal Meth Pictures Paraphernalia

Changes in a user's appearance may include weight loss, hair loss, acne, tooth rot, skin infections and rashes, bad breath and dry mouth, dilated (enlarged) pupils, bloodshot eyes, and heavy sweating. Depending on the way a person is using a drug, he or she may develop a bleeding nose, track marks, or a cough that does not go away. Some users experience tremors (shakes) and seizures.

Natural Toothpaste

At one point it seemed every company jumped on the baking soda toothpaste bandwagon Baking soda in paste form goes back to 1917, when a company first produced toothpaste containing this healthful ingredient. Baking soda has value because it neutralizes the acid produced by bacteria. Because baking soda is sold in powder form, people think it is an abrasive product but in fact, it is low in abrasive properties. Just as it can be placed in the refrigerator to absorb bacteria, so it can be placed in your mouth to achieve the same effect. Additionally, as it is an antacid, it can neutralize the acids in your mouth that can irritate gum tissue and cause mouth malodor (bad breath) and decay.

Use mint for

The heating effect is seen in the way mint is used as a heart tonic, which relieves palpitations, sending blood to the skin's surface, in the form of sweating. Hot mint tea is an excellent recourse for disturbed digestion, relieving spasms and relaxing the stomach walls, while also anesthetizing them. It is a proven and peerless remedy for such socially embarrassing conditions as bad breath, flatulence, and hiccups it works for indigestion, bloating, griping, colic, nausea, and vomiting (including morning and travel sickness).

Indications Cinnamon

WO2) Biliousness (f KAB) Bleeding (f KAB) Bloating (f1 BGB) Bronchosis (f12 CRC KAB PHR) Cancer (f1 COX CRC HOS) Cancer, abdomen (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, bladder (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, breast (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, colon (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, diaphragm (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, ear (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, gum (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, kidney (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, liver (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, mouth (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, neck (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, rectum (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, sinus (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, spleen (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, vagina (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, uterus (f1 COX HOS JLH) Candida (f1 CRC LIB JAR12 83) Cardiopathy (f1 EGG KAB LIB X14633804) Cerebrosis (f KAB) Childbirth (f LIB) Chill (f PHR PH2) Cholera (f1 CRC SKJ WO2) Cold (f12 CAN GAZ PHR ZUL) Colic (f1 APA CAN EGG TRA) Condylomata (f JLH) Conjunctivosis (f WHO) Convulsion (f LIB) Cough (2 CRC PHR) Cramp (f1 APA DEP VOD ZUL) Dandruff (1 JAR12 83) Debility (f...


Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums and periodentitis is the inflammation of the gums and surrounding tissues that can eventually result in loss of bone support. Symptoms are gums that are red, swollen, and bleed easily. They often recede and bad breath may be present. A good diet and proper oral hygiene are essential in preventing gum disease. Sugar significantly increases plaque formation while adversely affecting white blood cell function. Toothpaste or mouthwash containing sanguinarine, an alkaloid from the herb bloodroot, helps prevent plaque formation and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Centella extract, 30 mg twice daily, a triter-penoid from gota kola, has effective wound healing properties especially effective for severe gum disease and after surgery.


Degenerative disease caused by a lack of the hormone insulin. Insulin is essential for the proper metabolism of blood sugar. Excessive glucose (blood sugar) in the body's system is toxic. People with diabetes have abnormally high carbohydrate and sugar in their diets. Gum disease and dental problems are more prevalent in patients with diabetes and excessive glucose levels. People with diabetes also have a tendency to have bad breath due to excess acid in their systems. It is well known by dental professionals that patients with diabetes have dry mouths, and that less oxygen is consumed by their system. The lack of oxygen to the mouth can cause the gum tissue to dry out and loosen. Loose gum tissue can lead to pockets that then become a holding place for food and bacteria, and the bacteria under the gum can eat away the bone. In addition, people with diabetes have difficulty healing therefore, even a scraping of the gum can lead to a sore, infected abscess.

Drink Living Water

Persistent unhealthy body signals such as constipation, headaches, skin rashes, bad breath, sinusitis, etc., may all be alarms that your body needs more pure water. Here is a jolt. Water is not tea, soda, coffee, juice, milk, alcohol, or sport drinks. Water is pure and clear with nothing added. I encourage my patients to start the day off with a measured amount of water in quart container, room temperature is preferred. As mentioned previously, a simple rule that can be modified for your need is to consume at least one-half ounce of water per pound of body weight. Do not exceed 100 ounces in a day.

Indications Myrrh

(f PH2) Dandruff (1 JAR12 83) Decubitis (f BGB BOW) Dermatosis (1 APA MAD PH2 WI3) Diabetes (f1 JNP64 1460 X12506289) Diarrhea (f MAD JNP64 1460) Dicrocoeliasis (12 X15287191) Diptheria (f NAD) Dropsy (f BIB) Dysentery (f MAD) Dyslactea (f DEP) Dysmenorrhea (f1 BGB NAD PH2) Dyspepsia (f APA DEP FEL GHA NAD) Dysuria (f MAD) Earache (f BIB) Edema (1 X9582001) Enterosis (f DEP PH2) Epilepsy (f DEP) Erysipelas (f MAD) Fascioliasis (12 X5125536) Fever (f BIB DEP GHA MAD) Fracture (f GHA) Freckle (f MAD) Fungus (1 JNP64 1460) Furunculosis (1 CAN PH2) Gangrene (f FEL) Gas (f APA DEP MAD) Gastrosis (f FEL PH2 PNC JNP64 1460) Gingivosis (f1 APA DEP FEL PNC SKY) Gleet (f FEL) Gonorrhea (f FEL) Halitosis (f FEL) Hemorrhoids (f APA BGB BIB GHA) Hepatosis (f1 MAD X15125513) Hoarseness (f APA) Hypothyroidism (1 WAF) Impotence (f GHA) Infection (f12 DEP PH2 JNP64 1460) Infertility (f MAD) Inflammation (f1 BGB DEP GHA PH2 WI3) Itch (f1 WI3) Laryngitis (f FEL) Leprosy (f APA) Leukorrhea (f FEL MAD)...

Indications Dill

PH2 TRA X12493079) Halitosis (f1 APA PH2) Heart Problems (1 TRA) Hemorrhoid (f1 APA CRC) Hepatosis (f2 JLH PHR) High Blood Pressure (1 APA FNF TRA) High Cholesterol (1 X11409638) Induration (f CRC JLH) Infection (f12 APA PHR) Insomnia (12 APA CRC PHR PH2) Jaundice (f AHL CRC) Mastosis (f CRC JLH) Mycosis (1 TRA X12797755) Nephrosis (f APA PH2) Neuroses (1 APA) Obesity (1 X11409638) Pain (f BOU DEP) Pharyngosis (12 PHR) Respirosis (f PH2) Salmonella (1 TRA) Sclerosis (f CRC) Scirrhus (f JLH) Scurvy (f1 CRC) Shigellosis (1 TRA) Salmonella (1 TRA) Sore (f CRC) Spasms (f PHR) Splenosis (f JLH) Staphylococcus (1 CRC) Stomachache (f1 APA BOU CRC JFM TRA) Stomatosis (12 PHR) Syphilis (f PH2) Tumor (f CRC JLH) Urethrosis (1 APA PH2) Uterosis (f JLH) UTI's (f APA PHR) Venereal Disease (f PH2) Worm (f PH2) Yeast (1 X12797755).


Most adults with Down's syndrome have a compromised immune system and are prone to general infections and have an extremely high incidence of teeth (periodontal), gum (gingival) and mouth (oral) infections. Mouth breathing is common, causing dry mouths (xerostomia). Hypotonia of the muscles associated with eating reduces the effectiveness of chewing (mastication) and with xerostomia can cause bad breath (halitosis). In adults with Down's syndrome, the teeth roots are shorter and less securely embedded, resulting in frequent premature tooth loss.

Sore Throat

A relatively mild irritation or a more serious infection, such as laryngitis (see page 228), may produce a sore throat. Soreness may affect the whole throat or specific areas such as the larynx, tonsils, adenoids, pharynx, or vocal chords. Symptoms include a dry mouth and throat, discomfort on swallowing, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, bad breath, fatigue, and fever. They may be made worse by cold and damp, overusing the voice, smoking, food allergy, being run down, or emotional stress. SELF-HELP Take garlic preparations. Drink plenty of fluids. Gargle with a solution of calendula and hypericum (see page 271). CAUTION If symptoms last for more than one week, or if loss of voice persists, see a doctor. If there is high fever, children should see a doctor within 12 hours, adults within 48 hours. If the tonsils are inflamed and accompanied by fever, see a doctor within 12 hours.

Diarrhea nausea

Symptoms Diarrhea that is present only during the day Constant, ravenous hunger may even lead to getting out of bed to eat snacks during the night. Hunger increases after a bowel movement, but there is a cutting pain in the abdomen that is worse for eating. An aversion to cabbage, peas, beans, meat, and fatty foods is characteristic. There may be nausea accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, and pressing head pain at the back of the skull (see right). Another associated symptom may be halitosis with a strong odor of garlic. Symptoms may be linked to morning sickness, travel sickness (see below), or eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, or other psychological conditions that cause long-term bingeing. Symptoms better Temporarily after eating for passing stools for bending double. Symptoms worse For cold weather for movement in the morning when eating.

Reportable disease

The main symptoms include persistent heartburn and acid regurgitation, although some children do not experience heartburn. Instead, they may have pain in the chest or stomach a frequent sour taste of acid, especially when lying down a hoarse throat a feeling of burping acid trouble swallowing a feeling that food is stuck in their throat choking feeling dry cough or bad breath.

How To Cure Bad Breath

How To Cure Bad Breath

What My Doctor Told Me About Halitosis - The Bad Breath Secrets Here's a Real Story My father was once at a social gathering and a friend picked up a discussion with him. Unfortunately, my friend had had one of those extremely pungent curries the night before.

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