Select first the areas which have been identified by more than one procedure

As reported in Chapter 9 ('The topography of the identified auricular point/area'), the auricular somatotopic arrangement is essential for formulating a diagnostic hypothesis.

The practitioner who combines different methods may adopt his personal strategy in selecting the points to treat. For example, in the patient shown in Figure 10.1, who was affected by recurrent panic attacks, two areas were taken into consideration for treatment. The first, below the root of the helix, corresponding consistently to the Chinese esophagus area (CO2 shidao), was identified by inspection, PPT and ESRT. The second area, corresponding to Nogier's fear area and the Chinese anterior ear lobe (LO4 chuiqian), was identified with PPT and ESRT. In this session the points detected on the antitragus with ESRT (possibly

Combination of diagnostic methods (%) (in 81 physicians; 74.3% of the total)

Fig. 10.1 Selection of points in a female patient aged 45 years suffering with panic disorder. Dots = points detected with PPT; squares = points detected with ESRT.

related to a past migraine) were not selected for treatment; neither was the Shen men area detected only by inspection (telangiectasia).

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