Plate Xiii Skin Alterations Related To Cutaneous Structure Depressed Area Crease Incisure

Ear Crease Sign
Plate XIIIA Multiple creases on the posterior part of the antitragus; a diagonal crease and a pigmented area on the ear lobe in a 67-year-old female affected by Parkinson's disease.
Plate XIIIB Multiple creases on the ear lobe and the tragus in an 87-year-old male with Alzheimer's disease.
Plate XIIIC Cauterization for sciatica on the lower branch of the antitragus in a 57-year-old female.

Plate XIIID The same patient as Plate XIIIC, 18 years later, with Alzheimer's disease. Multiple creases are visible on the ear lobe and the tragus.

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