Plate Xii Skin Alterations Related To Cutaneous Structure Depressed Area Crease Incisure

Plate XIIA Depressed area and hyperemia on the ear lobe in a 35-year-old female with otosclerosis (hearing loss and tinnitus).

Plate XIIB Double crease on the ear lobe in a 70-year-old male affected by coronary heart disease and hypertension. Two further incisures on the border of the ear lobe are the possible expression of sensorineural hearing loss due to exposure to noise.
Plate XIIC Elongated depressed area between antitragus Plate XIID Bowl-shaped depressed areas and nevi on the and ear lobe, sensitive on palpation, in a 63-year-old female ear lobe in a 27-year-old male with the double diagnosis of affected by chronic depressive disorder. depression and addiction.

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