Plate Xi Skin Alterations Related To Pigmentation Dyschromia Macula Nevus

Ear Lobe Nevus

Plates XIA and XIB Multiple asymmetrical nevi on the right and left auricle in a 45-year-old male carrying a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Besides the particular concentration of nevi on the ear lobes, to be noted are linear telangiectasia on the right Shen men, liver and knee areas (A); on the left to be noted are a hypertrophy of the stomach area and linear telangiectasia on the anthelix and on the heart area of the left lower concha (B).

Medial Surface Ear

Plates XIC and XID Of the four dyschromia visible on the medial surface of the left ear only the three located on the ear lobe were sensitive to pressure (C). No explanation could be found for this phenomenon at the time when the pictures were taken because the 34-year-old male was symptom-free and the only drugs he took were benzodiazepines. In the following years the patient developed a severe depressive disorder which was treated with various drugs. This, however, did not prevent him from committing suicide 16 years later. The medial surface of the right ear seems to show a cutaneous depression (D) which is symmetrical to the area including the dyschromia on the left side.

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