Case Study 1

A 70-year-old male patient had a fall when on a bus and strained his right biceps brachii muscle. Soon he began to suffer with anterior shoulder pain, weakness, restricted elevation of the arm and also some autonomic phenomena such as numbness of the forearm. After several sessions of physiotherapy had brought no benefit he asked to be treated with acupuncture.

When asked to raise his arm he could not do so beyond 90°. An MTP was found in a taut band of the distal portion of the muscle, palpation was painful and the referred pain typically extended upward to the shoulder. With PPT I found a point on the anthelix between the Chinese location of the shoulder (SF4-SF5 jian) and thoracic vertebrae (AH11 xiongzhui). On Nogier's map the point corresponds to the area located between the shoulder and chest. NCT was performed for about

10 seconds and the patient was astonished to be able to raise his arm to an angle of 120° (Fig. 8.7). A semi-permanent needle was inserted on the day of consultation and another close by 3 days later because the pain was not completely under control. Two weeks later he was free from pain.

200 Auricular acupuncture diagnosis

Fig. 8.7 NCT for neutralizing a myofascial trigger point in the right biceps brachii muscle and improving range of motion in elevation in a 70-year-old male.

Fig. 8.8 (A) Double NCT and insertion of needles for neutralizing myofascial trigger points in the long head of triceps brachii and in the latissimus dorsi in a 42-year-old female. (B) In the same patient single-use steel implants (ASP, Sedatelec) for reducing pain and improving range of motion.

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