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Fenugreek trigonella foenumgraecum l fabaceae

Notes (Fenugreek) Some scholars consider the fenugreek more likely than Allium porrum to be the leek of the Bible. This is not, however, included by Zohary in his Plants of the Bible (ZOH). Coincidentally, fenugreek shares many medicinal properties with the leek. Zohary in his flora does mention that it is widely cultivated and subspontaneous in Palestine, although it probably originated in southwestern Asia (FP2). Common Names (Fenugreek) Al Harba (Mali UPW) Alforvas (Por. EFS) Alholva (Sp. Spain EFS VAD) Alolva (Sp. KAB) Asaraara (Mun. KAB) Asumodhagam (Sin. KAB WOI) Bahurpani (Sanskrit KAB) Bahu-patriki (Sanskrit KAB) Bhaji (Guj. KAB) Bockhornsklover (Swe. TAD) Bockshorn (Ger. EFS KAB) Bockshornklee (Ger. MAD) Boukeras (Greek KAB) Boyotu (Tur. EFS) Bukkekorn (Den. EFS) Cemen otu (Tur. EB54 155) Cenigrechs (Cat. KAB) Chandrika (Sanskrit KAB WOI) Dipani (Sanskrit KAB) Ervinha (Por. EFS) Fenacho (Por. EFS) Fenegriek (Dutch KAB) Fenegre (Lan KAB) Fenegriek (Por. EFS) Fenigrekova Trava...

Indications Fenugreek

Dosages (Fenugreek) Leaves and pods eaten as spice and vegetable seeds and leaves used to make tea seeds used to adulterate or flavor coffee to make artificial maple syrup flavoring ground seeds used in curry powder sprouted seed braised in oil and eaten with parboiled cardoon Yemeni add seeds to gravies and soups sprouts important in Near Eastern lamb stews flavored with honey. Europeans add seed to hay, especially old hay, to make it more savory to the animals. Seeds are used as an adulterant in or substitute for coffee. Fenugreek also has wide use in the Middle and Near East today. According to Philips, the fenugreek is almost as popular in Lebanon today as the peanut is in America as a snack. In Beirut, they make a mush from the green seed after soaking, forming a fenugreek milkshake (FAC, GHA HJP TAN EB54 155). Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound contained 12 oz fenugreek seed, 8 oz unicorn root (Aletris), and 6 oz each of life root (Senecio), black cohosh (Cimicifuga), and...

Antidiabetic Activities of Fenugreek Trigonella foenumgraecum Seeds

Fenugreek galactomannan in diabetes mellitus 470 Effect of fenugreek galactomannan on biochemicals 473 Effect of fenugreek galactomannan on histopathological findings of the pancreas 474 Effect of alcoholic extracts of fenugreek seeds on diabetes mellitus 474 Adverse Effects and Reactions (Allergies and Toxicity) 476 Summary Points 477 References 478


Results from a 2002 animal study have produced positive results suggestive of aphrodisiac activity (Gauthaman et al 2002). The study compared the effects of subcutaneous testosterone, an orally administered tribulus extract containing protodioscin (45 dry weight) or placebo over 8 weeks in castrated rodents. Both testosterone and tribulus treatment significantly improved sexual behaviour compared with controls, although testosterone was the more effective treatment.


Historical note Fenugreek's seeds and leaves are used not only as food but also as an ingredient in traditional medicine. It is indigenous to Western Asia and Southern Europe, but is now mainly cultivated in India, Pakistan, France, Argentina and North African countries. In ancient times it was used as an aphrodisiac by the Egyptians and, together with honey, for the treatment of rickets, diabetes, dyspepsia, rheumatism, anaemia and constipation. It has also been described in early Greek and Latin pharmacopoeias for hyperglycaemia and was used by Yemenite Jews for type 2 diabetes (Yeh et al 2003). In India and China it is still widely used as a therapeutic agent. In the United States, it has been used since the 1 9th century for postmenopausal vaginal dryness and dysmenorrhea (Ulbricht & Basch 2005).

Elevated Lipid Levels

Several clinical studies conducted in people with and without diabetes have identified significant lipid-lowering activity with different fenugreek preparations, such as defatted fenugreek, germinated seed and hydro-alcoholic extracts (Bordia et al 1997, Gupta et al 2001, Sharma et al 1990, Sowmya & Rajyalakshmi 1999). As can be expected, the dose used and type of preparation tested has an influence over results. An open study using a daily dose of 18.0 g germinated fenugreek seed in healthy volunteers demonstrated significant reductions in total cholesterol and LDL-choles-terol levels. A placebo-controlled study found no effect after 3 months with a lower dose of 5 g seed daily (Bordia et al 1997, Sowmya & Rajyalakshmi 1999), suggesting that higher intakes may be required for lipid-lowering activity to become significant.

Examples Of Research Study

Most of the research on expectancies during the 1970s and 1980s was conducted on college students, with samples ranging from light to heavy social drinkers who were primarily Caucasian. This research has shown that the effect of a person's expectancies depends on whether the behavior involved is socially mediated Stronger expectancy effects are found for social behaviors (e.g., aggression or sexual arousal) than for nonsocial behaviors (e.g., beliefs concerning motor coordination or memory skills) they are stronger for outcomes that are perceived as positive (e.g., sexual arousal) than as negative (e.g., poor motor coordination). For socially mediated behaviors, expectancy research has revealed that college students of both sexes show less anxiety in social situations if they believe they have consumed alcohol. In addition, males show heightened sexual arousal when exposed to an erotic environment if they believe they have consumed alcohol (Marlatt & Gordon, 1985). Men and women of...

Botanical Description

Fenugreek is an erect annual plant, 30 60 cm high. It has thin, 10- to 15-cm long sword-shaped pods, containing 10 20 seeds. The oblong, yellow-brown seeds (2 3 mm long) are hard, with a wrinkled surface. The plant grows in well-drained soil and a mild climate. The seed crop matures in 3 4 months, and yields 300 400 kg seeds per acre. In India, besides the seeds, green fenugreek leaves are used as a vegetable. Dicotyledonous fenugreek seed consists of a wrinkled brown-yellow seed coat or husk, enclosing two whitish translucent endosperm halves mainly composed of soluble galacto-mannan polysaccharide. The seeds contain protein (25 30 ), ether extract (7 9 ), steroidal saponins (5 7 ), galactomannan (25 30 ), insoluble fiber (20 25 ), and ash (3 4 ).

Historical Cultivation And Usage

Nutmeg originated in the Banda Islands of Indonesia, and was discovered by the Portuguese in 1512. The importance of the nutmeg seed was propagated by the Dutch. The name nutmeg is derived from the Latin nux muscatus, meaning musky nut. In India, nutmeg is known as Jaiphal. According to the ethno-medical literature, nutmeg seed oil was used for intestinal disorders by Indians, in embalming by Egyptians, and to cure plague by Italians. In ancient times, nutmeg seeds were used in medicines as an aphrodisiac, abortifacient, and anti-flatulent, a narcotic, and as a means to induce menses. The effect of the nutmeg seeds on the central nervous system was first observed in the early 19th century. Traditional uses of nutmeg seeds include treatment of hemorrhoids, chronic vomiting, rheumatism, cholera, psychosis, stomach cramps, nausea, and anxiety. Nutmeg seed oil also has antiseptic, analgesic, and antirheumatic properties.

Terebinth pistacia terebinthus l anacardiaceae

Gardens Pistacia Vera California

I like the DEP account better than most because it seems to lump all the potential biblical species under this catchall species. My accounts of the mastic and the terebinth are very similar. The species and their folklore have been confused for centuries. Over a hundred years ago, DEP fingered var. mutica as the biblical alah of the Old Testament. DEP notes that it is the true primitive turpentine celebrated as the finest, superior to pine resins and mastic. Yet, DEP states that The resin of var. mutica sesembles that of P. lentiscus and is used in the East as a substitute for mastic. Variety mutica also carries the same vernacular names and is considered identical with the resin of Pistacia vera. NAD followed DEP in treating P. cabulica, P. khinjuk, and P. mutica as synonyms. USN keeps them all separate. So, although starting to view them as all separate as I started working on P. atlantica, I evolved to think of them as one great taxon, with a great overlap in common names and uses....

Historical Aspects Of The Use Of Nuts And Seeds For Health In Pakistan

Aphrodisiac, and skin infections (Hussain et al., 2007 Hayat et al., 2008) Aphrodisiac (Kabirudin & Khan, 2003) Dressing of ulcers, and itching (Shinwari & Khan., 2000 Hayat etal., 2008) Chicken pox (Ahmad etal., 2006), Respiratory tract ailments, aphrodisiac, and spermatopoetic (Rizvi etal., 2007 Hussain et al., 2007) Nausea, and stomach ache (Ahmad et al., 2006) Antifebrile, stomachic, gastrointestinal disorders, molluscicidal, menstruation problems, expectorant, antibacterial, and antidote to opium (Ali etal., 2003 Sabeen & Ahmad, 2009) Gastritis, antifebrile, constipation, and diabetes mellitus (Kabirudin & Khan, 2003) Asthma, cough, wounds, jaundice, bronchitis, menstrual problems, for the removal of umbilical cord, and to ease labor (Rizvi et al., 2007 Hayat et al., 2008) Antifebrile, jaundice, and hepatitis (Kabirudin & Khan, 2003), Gastrointestinal disorders, anthelmintic, and purgative (Shinwari & Khan, 2000 Qureshi etal., 2009) Cough, menstrual cycle, and aphrodisiac...

Barringtonia racemosa L K Spreng

Barringtonia Racemosa

Traditional Medicinal Uses The leaves have been used to treat snakebites and jaundice and the seed is considered a good cure for gonorrhoea. 11 The bark of the root is used to treat fever and as an aperient. 11 In Cambodia, the leaves are a popular febrifuge while in Indonesia, water in which the leaves are rubbed is poured over the head of children with fever. In Malaysia, the leaves are used in a postpartum medicine and in the Philippines the leaves are pounded in coconut oil and heated, then applied to the abdomen to relieve tympanites. Pastes of the fresh leaves are rubefacient and used in dysentery. In Vietnam, lotions or baths of leaves are used during fever. Its unripe fruits are emollient in leprosy. 3 Alcoholic extracts of seed coat are taenifuge and laxative. 3 Decoctions of barks are used for catarrh. Infusions of seeds are used to treat asthma and excessive nasopharynx mucus production. 3 Traditionally, it is also used as a gargle for sore throats and oral hygiene. 12 In...

Rocket eruca sativa mill brassicaceae

Sunflower Sketch

It seems that all my versions agree that edible herbs or mallows were gathered in the field. But something poisoned the pottage, perhaps corrected by the addition of flour. I have not seen any speculation on the wild gourd, but cucurbitacins in wild gourds could foul an edible green soup. Whether or not flour or meal would correct that problem, I do not know. Yes, some scientists agree that this is the garden vegetable mentioned in the Bible (Kings II 4 39-40) as Oroth. Zohary notes that the word oroth is mentioned as a plant only once, in the quote above. Referring to the Gilgal area in the Jordan Valley, where the garden rocket (arabic jarjir) still occurs today, Bedouins collect it as potherb or salad. Since oroth also appears as gargir in the Talmud, it is plausible to identify it with the rocket. Oroth may not necessarily be a specific potherb, but the Aramaic translation as vegetables in the RSV may well be correct. This is supported by the biblical verb aroh meaning to collect,...

TABLE 22 Seeds as Herbal Drugs and a Source of Medicinally Active Compounds

Carminative, aromatic, diuretic, smooth-muscle relaxant, vasodilator, antidysenteric, aphrodisiac Aromatic, carminative, stimulant, flavoring agent, condiment poisonous and narcotic in large amounts Aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, carminative, demulcent, diuretic, stomachic, tonic, flavoring agent dermal irritant in large amounts As coffee substitute, diuretic, laxative, analgesic, antirheumatic Oral hypoglycemic, antimicrobial not recommended in pregnancy 40 Fenugreek

Agarwood aquilaria malaccensis lam thymelaeaceae

Aquilaria Malaccensis

Anodyne (f BIB NAD) Antianaphylactic (1 X9324002) Anticancer (1 X7320738) Antihistamine (1 X9324002) Aphrodisiac (f BIB) Astringent (f KAB) Cardiotonic (1 WO2) Carminative (f BIB) Cerebrotonic (f KAB) Cholagogue (f NAD) CNS Depressant (1 X8441779 WO3) Cytotoxic (1 X7320738) Deobstruent (f NAD) Diuretic (f BIB) Febrifuge (1 X8441779) Insec-tifuge (f1 WO2) Pulifuge (f1 WO2) Sedative (1 X8441779) Stimulant (f BIB) Stomachic (f BIB) Tonic (f BIB). Chinese consider the wood aphrodisiac, carminative, stimulant, and tonic (KAB).

Psychosexual Stages of Personality Development

In fact, the major event during this stage is children' s discovery of their own genitals and the realization that some pleasure can be derived from touching them. This is also the awakening of sexual desire directed outward and, according to Freud, it is first directed toward the parent of the opposite sex. Littl boys fall in love with their mothers, and little girls fall in love with their fathers. But children feel more than just parental love, according to Freud' s theory. A little boy lusts for his mother and wants to have sex with her . His father is seen as the competitor, as the one who is preventing the little boy from possessing his mother and receiving all of her attention. For the boy , the main conflict, which Freud calle the Oedipal conflict is the unconscious wish to have his mother all to himself by eliminating the father. (Oedipus is a character in Greek mythology who unknowingly kills his father and marries his mother.) Daddy is the competitor for...

Brillat Savarin Jean Anthelme

Brillat-Savarin embraced Parisian society and intellectual life, but he is best known for his culinary expertise and his twenty aphorisms on food, one of which was, Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. Even as a child he loved to be near the kitchen. While in Paris, he wrote Physiology of Taste, or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy, which he published anonymously. Chapters discussed, among other things, the aphrodisiac properties of certain foods, the nature of digestion, and the dangers of acids in the stomach. The book was a success, and the people of Paris were anxious to learn the identity of this very witty and elegant author. His colleagues were not as impressed as the public and looked down on him, not considering him to be an expert in a relevant field of study. He had pre-

Stone pine pinus pinea l abietaceae

There is much ambiguity between the versions above, and you will not find pine in any of them, although you will find cedar in all three passage versions. Working with the RSV, which translated holm rather than the underlined cypress above, Zohary notes that this is the only place where the Hebrew word tirzah occurs in the scriptures. He notes that this may have led Saadia Gaon, translator of the Bible into its first Arabic version (10th century), to render tirzah as stone pine. Indeed, in Arabic, as in many languages, the names of several conifers include the radical rz or arz. Jewish villages in north Kurdistan, where closely related Pinus brutia forms natural stands, have probably preserved the name etz shemen for that pine, perhaps since the Babylonian exile. That was partly why I included Pinus brutia in my first biblical book. Meanwhile, stone pine was reportedly common in the coastal plain of Palestine, forming extensive forests during the last century. Groves of stone pine at...

And Disease Prevention

Fenugreek galactomannan in diabetes mellitus Fenugreek seeds contain 40 45 galactomannan (soluble and insoluble), which was isolated from whole seeds and shows considerable hypoglycemic activity (Sirajudheen et al., 2009). TABLE 56.1 Effect of Fenugreek Galactomannan on Blood Glucose Level in Normal Glucose (1 g kg)-loaded Rats effect was calculated by decrease in BGL at + 2 + h GL, fenugreek galactomannan. n 6 in each group values are mean SEM. effect was calculated by decrease in BGL at + 2 + h GL, fenugreek galactomannan. n 6 in each group values are mean SEM. Experimentation reveals that fenugreek galactomannan is an ideal antidiabetic agent fenugreek galactomannan, like glibenclamide, showed significant (P 0.05 and P 0.01) dose-related manner hypoglycemic effects at 150, 300, and 600 mg kg in glucose-loaded rats (Table 56.1). The results were more pronounced in glucose-loaded rats at all three doses used (i.e., 150 (25 ), 300 (28.20 ), and 600 mg kg (43.78 ), which were...

Bread Fortification With Okra Flour

In Egypt, the nutritive value of bread produced using composite flour that contained maize was increased by supplementing it with okra flour. The resulting bread was satisfactory and comparable to wheat-based bread because okra contains sticky gluten. Although bitter taste was observed after the consumption of bread that was produced from composite flour that included fenugreek seeds as supplement, which restricted its use because of consumer acceptability constraints, there are no such restrictions for bread that includes okra flour as supplement. Young rats were used as experimental animals, and it was found that maize meal containing okra flour supplement produced the highest growth in the rats (77 g) compared to other diets with fenugreek (72 g) and cottonseed flour (48 g). The protein content in the base okra flour for the bread production was determined to be 18 (Taha, 1947). The associated benefits of okra flour in bread fortification include its slippery characteristics, which...

Nerium oleander L Apocynaceae Oleander

Branch Point Helix

Traditional Medicinal Uses The roots are used to cool the body system, as a tonic, purgative, thirst quencher, treatment for sore throat, cough and fever. 10 In China, the roots are also used to treat bronchitis, cold, dysuria, haemoptysis, laryngitis, restlessness, thirst, tuberculosis, stress, as an aphrodisiac,

Cucumber African horned See kiwano

See also curry powder. curry plant (curry leaves) An aromatic herb, Murraya koenigii. curry powder A mixture of turmeric with spices including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin and fenugreek, made pungent with mustard, chilli and pepper. A 10 g portion can contain 7.5-10mg iron, but much of this is probably the result of contamination during the milling of the spices. cushion The cut nearest the udder in lamb or beef.

Applications To Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

The ubiquitous use of the Garcinia kola (GK) seed in the western part of Nigeria in the treatment of ailments has existed since ancient times. The seed is used in herbal preparations that are important in traditional African medicine for the treatment of various respiratory diseases, notably the cough and asthma (Adeniji, 2003). It is also used as an antidote to food-borne disorders and snakebites, and has been found to be effective in increasing a low sperm count, as well as sometimes being used as an aphrodisiac. As a herbal medicine, it is involved in the management of dysentery and chest colds. GK seed chewing sticks are used as oral and dental medicaments for diseases such as toothache, mouth ulcers sores, thrush, periodontitis, and gingivitis (Hollist, 2004).

Solanaceae Nightshade family

In China it has long been claimed that lycium improves sexual performance, mainly in older men. Research has found that regular doses of the berries can raise testosterone levels when these are deficient. Many older men have this problem, so to this extent lycium may reduce impotence and can be seen as aphrodisiac. aphrodisiac

Plotting Your Personal Problems Profile

Tyler, a middle-aged engineer, doesn't consider himself depressed or plagued with any emotional problems. But when he sees his primary care doctor, Tyler complains of fatigue, recent weight gain, and a noticeable loss in his sex drive. After ruling out physical causes, the doctor suggests that he may be depressed. Funny, Tyler says, my girlfriend just bought me the Anxiety & Depression Workbook For Dummies and said she thought I was depressed too. Maybe I'll take a look at it.

Coriander coriandrum sativum l apiaceae

Figure Coriandrum Sativum

The same family, bears the name cilantro in the lowlands. AH2 gives culantro as the standardized common name for Eryngium foetidum (AH2). I suspect that both will serve well and similarly for the many indications listed below. Coriander was used in love potions, its use as an aphrodisiac being mentioned in The Thousand and One Nights (BIB).

Medicinal Constituents Of Seeds

Apart from the general constituents, comprising both primary and secondary plant metabolites, the seeds contain a spectrum of specific secondary metabolites, most of which are very limited in distribution and some of which have complex chemical structures. Examples include alkaloids in nux vomica, calabar bean, and colchicum seeds essential oils (terpenoids) in cardamom and nutmeg seeds cardenolides in thevitia and stropanthus seeds cyanogenetic glycosides in bitter almond seed isothiocyanate glycosides in mustard seed flavonolignans in milk thistle seed bitter principles in neem and karela seeds saponins in fenugreek seed resinous matter in croton seed gum in guar gum seed liquid wax in jojoba seed, etc. It has been found that all of these secondary metabolites are principally responsible for the medicinal activity of seeds. Different specific secondary metabolites and the general seed constituents like fixed oils, carbohydrates, proteins, mucilage, etc., together contribute to the...

Being Prepared The Side Ef fects o f Treatm ent

Menopause is different for each woman. Symptoms can include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, decreased libido (interest in sex), urinary incontinence (leaking some urine when you cough or sneeze), or memory problems. Other health effects include an increased risk of heart disease and strokes and loss of bone strength.

Main uses in food processing

The dried seeds are the only commercially important product and the essential oil is of minor importance. Nigella seeds are used in India and the Middle East as a spice and condiment and occasionally in Europe as both a pepper substitute and a spice. They are widely used in Indian cuisines, particularly in mildly braised lamb dishes such as korma. Nigella is also added to vegetable and dhal (lentil) dishes as well as in chutneys. The seeds are sprinkled on to naan bread before baking. Nigella is an ingredient of some garam masalas and is one of the five spices inpanchphoran. This famous Bengali origin spice mix consists of equal parts of five spices such as cumin, fennel, mustard, fenugreek and Nigella seeds mixed together without roasting or grinding. In the Middle East Nigella is added to bread dough and is an essential constituent of the Middle East choereg rolls. The dried seeds of Nigella are the

Introduction and description

Coriander Coriandrum sativum L. is an important spice crop and occupies a prime position in flavouring substances. It was one of the first spices to be used as a common flavouring substance. The stem, leaves and fruits all have a pleasant aromatic odour. The entire plant when young is used in preparing chutneys and sauces, and the leaves are used for flavouring continental curries and soups. The fruits are extensively employed as a condiment in the preparations of curry powder, pickling spices, sausages and seasonings. They are also used for flavouring pastry, biscuits, buns and cakes, and in flavouring liquors, particularly gin. Coriander seeds are also known for their medicinal properties and are considered carminative, diuretic tonic, stomachic antibilious, refrigerant and aphrodisiac. As such, coriander is a frequent ingredient in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines and is a traditional home therapy for different ailments. The new value-added products obtained from seeds are...

Homeopathic medicine

Specific local remedies for men include Agnus castus, for erectile dysfunction and a lack of energy Conium, for erectile dysfunction, with cramps and cold legs and Lycopodium, when there is increased sexual desire, but intercourse is spoiled by the anticipation of the failure to conceive. Conium is prescribed for women when infertility is associated with breast tenderness and suppressed sexual desire and Lycopodium when there is lower abdominal tenderness and vaginal dryness.

Units for testosterone measurement

Typical serum testosterone values in different units. Morote's value represents level of serum testosterone, determined with direct chemiluminescent immuno assay in prostate cancer patients on hormonal treatment, above which shorter time to progression was observed compared to patients with testosterone values below this level 9 . For curiosity, median value for premenopausal females can also be used as guideline for supplementation in hypoactive sexual desire disorder 30 . Table 3. Typical serum testosterone values in different units. Morote's value represents level of serum testosterone, determined with direct chemiluminescent immuno assay in prostate cancer patients on hormonal treatment, above which shorter time to progression was observed compared to patients with testosterone values below this level 9 . For curiosity, median value for premenopausal females can also be used as guideline for supplementation in hypoactive sexual desire disorder 30 .

Activities Camelthorn

Alexiteric (f BIB) Antiatherosclerotic (1 WO3) Antibilious (f BIB DEP) Antiemetic (f WO2) Antihypercholesterolemic (1 WO3) Antinociceptive (1 x 15507342) Antiseptic (f1 WO2) Aperient (f BIB) Aphrodisiac (f BIB PAY) Cholagogue (f BIB) Demulcent (f BIB) Depilatory (f WO2) Depurative (f BIB KAP) Diaphoretic (f KAB) Diuretic (f BIB WO2) Ergogenic (f1 WO3) Expectorant (f BIB) Febrifuge (f KAB) Hypolipidemic (1 WO3) Hypotensive (1 WO3) Laxative (f BIB WO2) Orexigenic (f KAB SAY) Proteolytic (1 WO2) Refrigerant (f KAB) Suppurative (f BIB) Sympathomimetic (1 WO2) Tonic (f KAB SAY).

Hormones and Aging Hope Springs Eternal

Serum levels of total and bioavailable testosterone gradually decrease with age in men and are associated with changes in cognition. Cher-rier and coinvestigators (2001) examined the relationship between exogenous testosterone administration and cognitive abilities in a population of healthy older men. The investigators raised the circulating total testosterone in the treatment group an average of 130 from baseline at week 3 and 116 at week 6. Because of aromatization of testosterone, estradiol increased an average of 77 at week 3 and 73 at week 6 in the treatment group. Significant improvements in cognition were observed for spatial memory (recall of a walking route), spatial ability (block construction), and verbal memory (recall of a short story) in older men treated with testosterone compared with their baseline evaluation and the performance of the placebo group. Although no one has investigated if hormonal treatment with testosterone can restore the age-related decrease of...

Detection and Assessment

There are no reliable and empirically derived criteria for recognition of depression in PD. Therefore, it is not surprising that depression remains under-detected and under-treated in the PD population (15,71). In a clinic-based study, nearly two-thirds of patients with clinically significant depressive symptomatology were not receiving antidepressant therapy (11). Older individuals often underreport depressive symptoms and are likely to focus on somatic or vegetative complaints (e.g., fatigue or loss of energy, reduced sexual desire or functioning, pain, sleep changes, or appetite changes), which are the prominent features of mood disorders as well as PD (102). Patients may simply attribute any mood symptoms to their PD, even when their PD has been relatively stable and the mood changes are relatively acute. In one study, over half the patients who had clinically significant depressive symptoms did not consider themselves depressed (11).

Precipitating Factors

It also should be noted that alcohol and other drugs have a pharmacological effect on sexual arousal and sexual behavior. Among men, alcohol can cause secondary impotence and heroin use can delay ejaculation. There also is evidence to support the notion that cocaine use can increase sexual interest for men and women, and marijuana use has become associated with uninhibited sexual activity. Some women find that heroin use by their partner prolongs intercourse, and once heroin is used as an adjunct to sexual activity, couples are prone to relapse to drug use (Lex, 1990).

Uses Described in Folk Medicine

Thus, this tree has long captured the Malaysian market and currently, there are about 200 tongkat Ali products, most of them emphasizing its aphrodisiac properties (21). As such, the above claim has one way or another been responsible for the uncontrolled and excessive harvesting of the tree in the Malaysian jungles (22). In Indonesia, people from Sumatra and Kalimantan also used the roots as an antipyretic in Lampung and Belitung, it is used for dysentery. However, in Riau, people living in the surrounding forests drink a decoction of the roots or stems to cure malaria. Currently, it is mostly known as aphrodisiac (10). One of the most unique uses is by the Sakai ethnic group in Sumatra, which employs this tree as an amulet to protect people from the smallpox virus (10).

Activities Indian Gum Arabic Tree

Alexiteric (f KAB) Algicide (1 ZUL) Amebicide (1 ZUL) Analgesic (1 X8982438) Anthelmintic (f KAB) Antiaggregant (1 X9251908) Anticarcinogenic (1 WO3 X12616620) Antiedemic (1 X8982438) Antihepatitic (1 PR14 510) Antihistaminic (1 ZUL) AntiHIV (1 X10189947) Antihypertensive (1 X10594935) Anti-inflammatory (f1 X8982438) Antimalarial (1 X10479756) Antimutagenic (1 WO3 X12616620 X11850969) Antiplasmodial (1 X10479756) Antiplatelet (1 X9251908) Antioxidant (1 X11837686) Antiseptic (1 WO3) Antispasmodic (1 X10594935) Antitussive (f BIB) Aphrodisiac (f KAB MPI ZUL) Astringent (f GMH PH2 SUW) Bactericide (1 ZUL X15476301) Calcium-Antagonist (1 X9251908) Chemopreventive (1 X11850969) Decongestant (f BIB EB22 173) Demulcent (f BIB DEP SUW) Expectorant (f KAB MPI

Talh acacia seyal delile fabaceae

Analgesic (f BOU) Aphrodisiac (f UPW) Astringent (f UPW) Diuretic (f UPW) Emollient (f UPW) Febrifuge (f UPW) Hemostat (f UPW) Insectifuge (f UPW) Pediculifuge (f UPW) Stimulant (f UPW). Biliousness (f UPW) Aphrodisiac (f UPW) Bleeding (f UPW) Burn (f UPW) Cancer (f1 UPW) Cold (f BOU) Conjunctivosis (f UPW) Diarrhea (f UPW) Dysentery (f UPW) Enterosis (f DAW) Fever (f BOU UPW) Gastrosis (f BOU) Gonorrhea (f UPW) Headache (f UPW) Impotence (f UPW) Inflammation (f BOU) Jaundice (f UPW) Leprosy (f UPW) Lice (f UPW) Ophthalmia (f UPW) Pain (f BOU UPW) Puerperium (f BOU) Respirosis (f BOU) Rheumatism (f BOU UPW) Snakebite (f UPW) Syphilis (f UPW) Ulcer (f BOU) Venereal Disease (f UPW).

Activities Caper Bush

Alterative (f EFS) Analgesic (f BIB SKJ) Anthelmintic (f1 BIB) Antiallergic (1 X15799005) Anticystic (1 WO2) Antidote (Beryllium) (f WO2) Antierythemic (1 X15799005) Antihista-minic (1 X15799005) Antiparalytic (f HAD) Antiseptic (f BOU) Antiviral (1 WO2) Aphrodisiac (f BIB BOU) Astringent (f EFS WO2) Bactericide (1 BIB WO2) Capillariprotective (f BOW) Deobstruent (f DEP) Diuretic (f EFS SKJ WO2) Emmenagogue (f BIB DEP) Expectorant (f BIB EFS GHA WO2) Fungicide (1 BIB WO2) Hemostat (f1 WO2) Molluscicide (1 X15287187) Orexigenic (f BIB BOU HOS WO2) Purgative (f HAD) Stimulant (f BIB EFS) Tonic (f EFS GHA SKJ).

Can my diabetes affect my sex life If so how and what can I do about it

Normal erectile function also depends on a healthy blood supply to the penis, as erection entails engorgement of the organ with blood. If the blood supply is compromised, the quality of the erection will be poor. As discussed in Question 35, vascular damage is commonly associated with diabetes and frequently affects the health of the vessels supplying the genitals. Finally, normal levels of the male hormone testosterone are necessary not only for sexual interest (libido), but also for perception of pleasura- Libido ble sensations from sexual arousal. Low testosterone Sexual interest. levels, already common in middle-aged and older men, are even more common in men with diabetes. Indeed, there is suggestive evidence that low testosterone levels may contribute to worsening of diabetes, thus creating a vicious cycle that further depresses hormone levels. In light of the three strikes of diabetic nerve damage, vascular damage, and diminished levels of male hormone, it is not...

Reasons for testosterone measurement in prostate cancer

But testosterone measurements are not important only for urologists, who, apart from main reason - decisions related to prostate cancer management, use it for example also for aging male symptomatology and evaluation of patients with erectile dysfunction. Also other medical specialties, like endocrinology, pediatrics, gynecology or oncology use testosterone measurements for their conditions, like diagnosing and monitoring hyper- or hypo- andro-genic disorders in women, like polycystic ovary syndrome, alopecia, acne, hirsutism or hy-poactive sexual desire disorder androgen secreting neoplasms congenital syndromes with ambiguous genitalia Pediatrics and endocrinology were in the past probably most frequent users of testosterone assays, but nowadays most laboratories receive most testosterone requests from urologists.

Medical And Nonmedical Uses

AASs are prescribed by physicians to treat a variety of medical conditions (Bagatell & Bremner, 1996). The most accepted use is for treating boys and men unable to produce normal levels of their own testosterone, a condition known as testosterone deficiency or hypogonadism. AASs are also used to treat a rare skin condition called hereditary angioedema, certain forms of anemia (deficiency of red blood cells), advanced breast cancer, and endometriosis (a painful condition in females in which tissue usually found only in the uterus develops in other body parts). AASs are also combined with female hormones to treat distressing symptoms that can accompany menopause. Experimentally, AASs have been used to treat a condition in which bone loss occurs (osteoporosis), to treat impotency and low sexual desire, and as a male birth control pill. In addition, AASs have been used in the treatment of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) to stimulate appetite, weight gain, strength, and...

Presentday Cultivation And Usage

Both in vitro and in vivo studies have resulted in a wide array of pharmacological actions attributed to nutmeg seeds, including antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial (Takikawa et al., 2002), aphrodisiac (Tajuddin etal., 2003), anti-inflammatory (Olajide etal., 1999), and hepatoprotective activities. Nutmeg seeds are used to control diarrhea and Crohn's disease, as they inhibit prostaglandin activity in the intestine. Nutmeg seeds also improve Alzheimer's disease, as they directly affect acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain. Nutmeg seed essential oil is used in aromatherapy, because the three main constituents of nutmeg (myristicin, elemicin, and isoelemicin) act as stress relievers.

Tryptophan to Serotonin

The amino-acid tryptophan found in large amounts in milk and turkey is the nutrient needed to form serotonin, which controls moods, sleep, sex drive, appetite, and pain threshold. Eating disorders and violent behavior have also been traced to serotonin depletion. Replacing serotonin can lift depression and end insomnia. In one notable study, a medical researcher in Holland demonstrated that a combination of tryptophan (2 grams nightly) and vitamin B6 (125 milligrams three time a day) could restore patients with anxiety type depression to normal in four weeks. Depression accompanied by anxiety and sleep disturbances is most likely to respond to tryptophan.

Antiinflammatory And Antipyretic Activity

Single-dose and ch ronic-dose applications of a dried leaf decoction of fenugreek Fenugreek 408 relatively equal to 300 mg kg sodium salicylate for single dosing however, chronic administration was more effective than sodium salicylate. Additionally, the fenugreek decoction demonstrated stronger antipyretic activity than that of sodium salicylate.

The Brain And Spinal Cord And Ms

The brain is involved in many aspects of sexual functioning, including sexual desire, the perception of sexual stimuli and pleasure, movement, sensation, cognition, and attention. Throughout the sexual response cycle, sexual messages are communicated between the brain, spinal cord, and the genitals. Because MS can cause lesions along myelinated pathways, it is not surprising that changes in sexual function are reported so frequently by people with MS.

Coping With Msrelated Changes In Sexual Response

Coping with Lowered Libido If you are in an intimate relationship, focus on the sensual aspects. Sensual contact is nongenital it includes back rubs, gentle stroking of nongenital body zones, and other touching that you find physically and emotionally pleasing. During periods of diminished sex drive, partners often neglect the sensual, nonsexual aspects of their physical relationship.

Adjusting to Changes in Sexual Function in MS

Normal sexual function changes throughout one's lifetime, but having multiple sclerosis (MS) can profoundly affect an individual's sexual experience in a variety of ways. The most frequently reported change in men is diminished capacity to obtain or maintain an erection (impotence), while the most frequent change reported by women is partial or total loss of libido (sexual desire).

Activities Poison Hemlock

Alterative (f CRC) Analgesic (f BUR CRC) Anaphrodisiac (f BIB CRC) Anodyne (f BIB CRC) Antidote (Strychnine) (f GMH) Antinicotinic (1 PH2) Antispasmodic (f BIB CRC EFS) Aphrodisiac (f BIB CRC EFS SKJ) Cardiodepressant (f BUR) Hypertensive (1 PH2) Hypotensive (1 PH2) Insecticide (1 EGG) Negatively Inotropic (1 PH2) Nervine (f BIB CRC EFS) Nicotinic (1 PH2) Paralytic (1 PH2) Poison (12 BIB DEM EFS PH2) Respirodepressant (1 PH2) Respirostimulant (1 PH2) Sedative (f BIB BUR CRC) Teratogenic (1 PHR PH2).

Activities Desert Date

Alexipharmic (f KAB) Alterative (f KAB) Analgesic (f KAB) Anthelmintic (f BOU HDN KAB X10904170) Antidiabetic (1 WO3) Antidote (Curare) (f BOU) Antiedemic (1 X15763372) Antifeedant (1 HDN WO3) Antifertility (1 X12179631) Antiinflammatory (1 X15763372) Antinociceptive (1 X15763372) Antioxidant (1 X15763372) Antischistosomal (1 HDN X15664459) Antiseptic (f HDN) Antispasmodic (1 HDN) Aperient (f KAB) Aphrodisiac (fl UPW) Bactericide (1 HDN) Burn (f BIB) Cathartic (f DEP) Cholagogue (1 HDN) Choleretic (1 HDN) CNS Depressant (1 HDN) Curare (1 HDN) Emetic (f BOU KAB) Expectorant (f DEP WO2) Fungicide (1 HDN) Hemolytic (1 HDN) Hemostat (f HDN) Hepatoprotective (1 PR15 598) Hypotensive (1 HDN) Insectifuge (f HDN) Lactagogue (f UPW) Larvicide (1 WO3) Laxative (f BOU) Molluscicide (1 HDN) Nematicide (1 WO3) Piscicide (1 HDN) Purgative (f DEP HDN NAD) Stimulant (f UPW) Vermifuge (f BOU NAD).

Your Thyroid and Human Growth Hormone

Even though 10 million Americans have been diagnosed with thyroid problems, millions more live with lethargy, muscle weakness, depression, menstrual irregularities, low sex drive, and weight gain due to an undiag-nosed thyroid condition. Doctors used to estimate that as many as 13 million people had some form of hypo- or hyperthyroidism and didn't know it. However, at an international Consensus Development Conference held by the College of Integrative Medicine in 2003, the number of undiagnosed cases was reported to be closer to 50 million if looking at the whole clinical picture, which includes not just the standard lab tests but the physical exam, the patient's symptoms, and his or her basal body temperature. This was in alignment with the position taken by the late Dr. Broda Barnes, a well-known pioneer in the field of thyroid disease and author of Hypothyroidism, the Unsuspected Illness. Barnes estimated that at one time or another approximately 40 percent of the population will...

The Comorbidity Of Anxiety And Depression On The Auricle

The area representing the external genitals seems out of place, but could be associated with difficulties in sexual functioning accompanying mood disorders. In my opinion, however, this area is not only sensitized by the reduction of sexual desire but also by symptoms such as frustration, irritability and increased appetite which develop, for example, in the nicotine withdrawal syndrome after abrupt cessation of cigarette smoking.

Worksheet 16Tylers Reflections

I can see that I do have signs of depression. I didn't realize that before. And I see that depression particularly shows up in my body. It's affecting my energy, sex drive, and appetite. It's also making me withdraw from my girlfriend, which I can see from my loss of sex drive and lack of desire to be with her Apparently, I also have a few symptoms of anxiety, and I think I always have. It's time to do something about this.

Male reproductive changes with ageing

Physiological changes in older men include reduced testosterone production, with in turn may cause decreased libido. A reduced testosterone level also causes the testes to atrophy and soften and decreases sperm production by around 48 69 per cent between the ages of 60 and 80. Normally, the prostate glands enlarges with age and its secretions diminish. Seminal fluid also decreases in volume and becomes less viscous.

Reproduction And Pregnancy

Impotence, atrophy of the testes, infertility, and decreased libido are not uncommon complaints in male alcoholics. These observations are thought to be secondary to the direct effects of alcohol on testicular tissue, to an alcohol-associated decrease in sperm motility, and to an alcohol-related decrease in Vitamin A and zinc. Both Vitamin A and zinc are important in maintaining testicular tissue growth. In young females, alcohol abuse is associated with amenorrhea and anovulation in chronic users, with early menopause. There is evidence that vaginal blood flow decreases as the alcohol serum level increases.

Myroslava Romach Karen Parker

APHRODISIAC An aphrodisiac is a substance that can be administered topically, internally, by injection, or by inhalation to stimulate sexual arousal or to enhance sexual performance. The term is based on Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, and it came into the English language during the early 1800s. Although no solid scientific evidence exists for any substances that have selective effect on sexual function, many foods and food combinations have a long-standing reputation as aphrodisiacs such as oysters, caviar, champagne, and truffles (a subterranean fungus uprooted by pigs in the oak forests of France). Alcoholic drinks have also been considered to be an aphrodisiac, since sexual behavior often occurs after ''cocktails,'' during or after parties, or during periods of alcohol intoxication but only if not too much alcohol has been consumed. Objective mea Since the 1980s, COCAINE has gained popularity as a potential aphrodisiac, since its use purportedly enhances...

Survivorship Issues And Hrql

To understand the magnitude of HRQL issues among cancer survivors, we have classified these concepts into discrete domains, however it is understood that they represent a highly interrelated and dynamic system. Adhering to this model of self-reported health, the late effects of cancer can have wide spread ramifications. For example, many of the late physical effects (e.g., pain, fatigue, urinary incontinence, infertility) can also have significant emotional and social consequences. Since those with increasing age also represent a large segment of cancer survivors, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether physical changes are predominantly age or cancer related (e.g., fatigue, decreased libido, weakness). Apart from the observed physical changes, the psychosocial and existential issues acknowledged by survivors

Activities Aloe

Abortifacient (f1 GMJ WO3) Analgesic (f1 EGG PH2) Angiogenic (1 X14517429) Anthelmintic (1 MPI) Antiaggregant (f CRC) Antiaging (f WO3) Antialcoholic (1 WO3) Antiapoptotic (1 X15613791) Antibradykinin (1 X15182910) Anticancer (f1 JLH X15531293) Antidote (alcohol) (f1 DLZ WO3 X8937458) Antiedemic (f1 ALH CAN WHO) Antigliomic (1 X15747063) Anti-herpetic (1 AAB PH2 RCP7(1)) Antihistamine (1 APA) Anti-inflammatory (f1 AAB CAN PH2 WHO WO3 X15751795 X15182910) Antilipoxygenase (1 X15751795) Antioxidant (1NP9(2) 8) Antiplaque (f WO3) Antiproliferant (1 X15531293) Antiprostaglandin (1 WHO NP9(2) 8) Antiradicular (1NP9(2) 8) Antiretroviral (1 NP9(2) 8) Antiseptic (f1 CRC PH2 X15615409) Anti-thromboxane (1 PH2 WHO NP9(2) 8) Antiulcer (f1 AAB PH2) Antiviral (1 AAB PH2 WO3) Antiwrinkle (f WO3) Aperient (f DAA DEP) Aphrodisiac (f NP9(2) 8) Apoptotic (1 X15531293 X15747063) Arylamine-N-Acetyltransferase Inhibitor (1 PH2) Bactericide (1 APA) Bitter (FED) Cholagogue (f CRC) Cicatrizant (f1 DLZ EGG...

Activities Melon

Allergenic (1 X14533664) Antiacne (1 PAM) Antiaging (1 FNF) Antiasthmatic (1 PAM) Anticancer (f1 FNF JNU PAM) PAM Antiemetic (f BIB LMP) Antiinflammatory (f1 JLH X15261965) Antimastitic (1 PAM) Antimutagenic (1 FNF) Antioxidant (1 PAM X15261965) Antiozenic (1 FNF) Antiphotophobic (30-300 mg man day) (1 M29) AntiPMS (1 JAF34 409) Antiporphyric (30-300 mg man day) (1 MAR) Antipityriasic (1 PAM) Antiproliferant (1 JNU) Antipsoriac (1 PAM) Antistress (1 DAS) Antitussive (f BOU) Antiulcer (1 PAM) Antivinous (f BIB) Aphrodisiac (f BIB KAB) Cardioprotective (1 FNF) Cardiotonic (f KAB) Cerebro-tonic (f KAB) Demulcent (f BIB EFS UPW) Digestive (f BIB BOU LMP) Diuretic (f BIB UPW WOI) Emetic (f BIB BOU UPW WBB) Emmenagogue (f BIB) Emollient (f WBB) Expectorant (f BIB BOU) Fungicide (1 UPW WBB) Immunostimulant (1 FNF PAM) Insec-tifuge (f HJP) Interferon synergist (1 FNF) Lachrymatory (f BIB KAB) Lactagogue (f KAB) Laxative (f KAB) Mucogenic (1 PAM) Phagocytotic (1 PAM) Refrigerant (f BIB BOU...

Malignant Pain

Joe is a spry man in his 80s who still skis, sails, and works out at the gym. In his early 70s he was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer. Despite the lack of a cure, many men diagnosed with prostate cancer live a long time with relatively few complications from this illness. When Joe was diagnosed, his doctors told him he would likely live a long and active life, and he is carrying out their prediction. Like many others with prostate cancer, Joe has to deal with some side effects of the hormonal treatment that slows the advancement of the disease. Loss of facial hair, voice changes, and decreased libido and sexual performance are among his side effects. Although they are unpleasant, Joe says that his main concern is controlling the pain from the cancer itself. For Joe, as for most people who have pain from incurable cancer, it is reasonable to treat him with daily opioid medications. These prescription drugs, commonly referred to as narcotics, are usually given to cancer...


Hemochromatosis Liver Mri

Er cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus and cardiomyopathy frequently occur in untreated patients. Patients with longstanding disease and liver cirrhosis are significantly more at risk of developing HCC, thereby worsening their overall prognosis. Additional clinical manifestations include dermal hy-perpigmentation, decreased libido and a slightly increased incidence of extrahepatic malignancies.

Common Names Costus

Saussurea Costus

Alexipharmic (f KAB) Alterative (f KAB KAP SUW) Amebicide (1 NAD) Analgesic (f KAB) Anthelmintic (f HHB KAB) Antianginal (1 PH2) Antidote (f PH2) Antiedemic (1 X12222664) Antiinflammatory (1 X12916066) Antilambdial (f X14497181) Antileukemic (1 X15209353) Anti-mycobacterial (1 PR14 303) Antioxidant (1 PR14 250) Antiperistaltic (1 WOI) Antiproliferant (1 X12916066) Antiradicular (1 PR14 250) Antiseptic (1 HH2 KAB KAP PH2) Antispasmodic (1 HH2 SUW WOI JAC7 405) Antistress (1 PH2) Antitubercular (1 PR14 303) Antiulcer (1 PH2) Aphrodisiac (f DEP HHB) Apoptotic (1 X15737683) Astringent (f KAP) Bactericide (1 HH2 PR14 303 X15814268) Bronchoconstrictor (1 WOI) Bronchodilator (1 NAD WOI JAC7 405) Bron-chospasmolytic (1 PH2) Candidicide (1 HH2) Cardiotonic (1 KAB KAP) Carminative (f1 KAB KAP SUW WOI) Caspase Inducer (1 X15209353) Cerebrotonic (f KAB) Circulostimulant (1 WOI) CNS Depressant (1 NAD WOI) Contraceptive (f PH2) Cytotoxic (1 X14510592) Depurative (f KAB) Diuretic (1 HHB KAB SKJ WOI...

Activities Garlic

Acarifuge (1 KAL) ACE Inhibitor (1 NP6 1) Adaptogenic (1 X1588187G) Alterative (f KAP PED) Alexiteric (f KAB) Amebicide (fl APA X111G167G) Analgesic (fl BGB ULW) Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (1 NP6 1) Anodyne (f DAD) Androgenic (1 KAL) Anthelmintic (fl KAL WHO) Antiafla-toxin (1 X1394115) Antiaggregant (fl23 APA FNF KOM PH2 SHT VOD) Antiallergic (fl AKT JNl3l lG75s) Antiandrogenic (1 DAD JNl3l lG75s) Antianemic (fl JNl3l lGl6s) Antiangiogenic (f BO2) Antiarteriosclerotic (fl2 KAL) Antiarthritic (fl KAL) Antiatherogenic (2 BGB WHO) Antibiotic (fl2 AKT PNC PED) Anticancer (fl KAL SKY) Anticholinesterase (1 KAL) Anticol-lagenase (f BO2) Antidiabetic (fl KAL PNC) Antidote (f VOD WO2) Antieicosanoid (1 BO2) Antifertility (1 KAL WO2) Antifungal (fl2 KAL SKY) Antigiardal (1 X111G167G) Antihepatotoxic (l CAN KAL) Antihypercholesterolemic (l WHO) Antihyperglycemic (l KAP) Antihyperlipidemic (1 WHO) Antihypertensive (fl SKY VOD WHO) Antiinflammatory (fl APA BGB) Antiintegrase (1 KAL)...

Types of Anxiety

The second type of anxiety, neurotic anxiety, occurs when there is a direct conflict between the id and the ego. The danger is that the ego may lose control over an unacceptable desire of the id. For example, a woman who becomes anxious whenever she feels sexually attracted to someone, who panics at even the thought of sexual arousal, is experiencing neurotic anxiety . As another example, a man who worries excessively that he might blurt out an unacceptable thought or desire in public is also beset by neurotic anxiety .

Hormonal Theories

Sexual desire has also been linked to levels of circulating testosterone. Women's testosterone levels peak just prior to ovulation. Interestingly , women report a peak in their sexual desire at precisely the same time. At this peak, women report more female-initiated sexual intercourse and more desire for sexual intercourse (Sherwin, 1988). Men with relatively high testosterone levels also report an increased level of sexual motivation (Dabbs & Dabbs, 2000). And weekly and seasonal changes in testosterone are correlated with parallel changes in sexual motivation (Hoyenga & Hoyenga, 1993). Correlation does not mean causation. Indeed, there is some evidence in nonhuman primates that rises in testosterone levels follow rises in status and dominance within the group, rather than lead to them (Sapolsky, 1987). Furthermore, sexual arousal itself can result in an increase in testosterone level (Hoyenga & Hoyenga, 1993). A study on sports fans found that those whose team had just won an event...

Extracts Faba Bean

L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-dopa) was first synthesized as a D,L racemate in 1911. Its L-isomer was isolated from seedling, and from 1961 onward was recognized as the most efficacious drug treatment of Parkinson's disease. It is now generally recognized that L-dopa use in Parkinson's disease is a classic example of brain neurotransmitter replacement therapy. That may not be its sole action of interest. Recent evidence suggests that L-dopa may also have its own biological activity in the CNS, independent of dopamine (X15143441). Both L-Dopa and epinene have been reported from the seeds. L-Dopa is said to induce priapism in elderly males receiving it for Parkin-sonianism. According to Father Nature's Farmacy (FNF), L-dopa has analgesic, anorexic, antidote (manganese), antiencephalopathic, antifeedant, antimorphinic, antineuroleptic, antiparkinsonian, antireserpine, aphrodisiac, arrhythmigenic, antitremor, cardiovascular, CNS-active, depressant, diuretic, dopaminergic,...

Winter savory

The rhizomes are bitter, sweet, sour aromatic (a mixture of tastes, starting from bitter initially, turning to a sweet and then sour aromatic sensation), and cooling used as an appetizer, carminative, digestive, stomachic, demulcent, febrifuge, alexeteric, aphrodisiac, laxative, diuretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic and used in the treatment of anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, bruises, wounds, chronic ulcers, skin diseases, pruritus, fever, constipation, hiccough, cough, bronchitis, sprains, gout, halitosis, otalgia and inflammations (Hussain et al., 1992 Warrier et al., 1994).


Erectile dysfunction The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines erectile dysfunction as the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The word impotence may also be used to describe other problems that interfere with sexual intercourse and reproduction, such as lack of sexual desire and problems with ejaculation or orgasm. Using the term erectile dysfunction makes it clear that those other problems are not involved.

The Hormone of Love

Oxytocin, as well as dopamine, norepinephrine, androgens, estrogens, and vasopres-sin, is related to the sex drive and sexual arousal, is secreted during sex, and is associated with feelings of love, altruism, warmth, calmness, bonding, tenderness, togetherness, and bodily contact. Serotonin also affects the emotions of love and romance. Androgens, estrogens, oxytocin, and vasopressin increase the sex drive, whereas increased levels of synaptic serotonin, such as result from the taking of reuptake transporter inhibitors, suppress the sex drive and inhibit feelings of attraction by the opposite sex. Dopamine and norepinephrine increase the sex drive. Serotonin also seems to have an opposite effect from oxytocin. Increasing the levels of serotonin by the administration of antidepressants diminish the sex drive and feelings of attraction to the opposite sex. Patients taking these drugs that increase serotonin levels have an inability to cry, worry, become angry, or be concerned about the...

Activities Grape

(1 COX FNF) Antiasthmatic (1 FNF) Antiatherosderotric (1 FNF PH2) Anticancer (1 COX FNF) Anticariogenic (1 APA) Antiedemic (1 FNF) Antierythemic (1 FNF) Antihistaminic (1 FNF) AntiHIV (1 FNF) Antiinflammatory (1 COX FNF) Antileukemic (1 X15309446) Antimelanomic (1 X15309446) Antimutagenic (1 FNF MB) Antioxidant (1 APA FNF PH2 X10820088) Antiprostaglandin (1 FNF) Antiseptic (1 FNF) Antitumor (1 PH2) Antiulcer (1 FNF) Antiviral (1 BIB FNF) Aphrodisiac (f BIB KAB) Apoptotic (1 JAF51 7280) Astringent (f1 BIB VAD) Bactericide (1 FNF) Cancer Preventive (1 FNF) Capillariprotective (1 FNF) Cardioprotective (f1 FNF VAD) Collagen Protective (1 APA) COX-1 Inhibitor (1 FNF) COX-2 Inhibitor (1 COX FNF) Demulcent (f BIB EFS) Depurative (f BIB) Diuretic (f BIB EFS) Expectorant (f BIB) Fungicide (1 FNF) Hemostat (1 EFS FNF) Hepatoprotective (1 FNF PH2) Hypocholesterolemic (1 FNF) Immunostimulant (1 FNF) Insulinomimetic (1 X16028976) Laxative (f BIB) Litholytic (f BIB NAD) Orexigenic (f NAD) Propecic...

Extracts Giant Reed

Said to raise the blood pressure in high doses, lower it in lower doses (AHL). Leaves may contain bufotenine, which is reportedly antialzheimeran, anticholinesterase (1 30th physostigmine), aphrodisiac, cardioactive, CNS-active, hallucinogenic, hypertensive, mydriatic, respiraparalytic, and serotoninergic (http duke).

Fact Or Folklore

The possibility of bioactive aphrodisiacs, substances that stimulate sexual desire and that may be derived from animals, minerals, and plants (55), has been attractive throughout recorded history and the passion of man since time immemorial. Reindeer shed their antlers annually collected shedded antlers are imported from Canada, Finland, Norway, and Sweden into Japan for aphrodisiac purpose. Although the fresh antlers are supposed to be more powerful, removal of live antlers from the animals is forbidden in Scandinavia. Therefore, live reindeers have been imported to provide the best possible aphrodisiac quality (56). Mylabris, an alcoholic extract from the dried bodies of China blister beetles (Pan mao), or Spanish fly (the generic name for a variety of species of beetles including Cantharis vesicatoria, Lytta vesicatoria, Epicauta funebris, and Mylabris phalerata), is used in China today as an aphrodisiac and to induce abortions. The active principle, called cantharidin, is a potent...

Notes Costus

Unlike Zohary, I followed Moldenke and Moldenke in my first Bible book (Duke, 1983) and concluded that the cassia of Psalms 45 was the Indian kuth (standardized common name costus, widely used in perfumes and incenses). Other scholars, such as Zohary, would think that cassia in the Bible was more likely to be a species of Cinnamomum (which see and I agree). Still I include the kuth here. Others might side with the Moldenkes. Although noted as an aphrodisiac, costus' chief use is as a perfume. In China and India it serves as incense in temples. The essential oil is valued in perfumery and cosmetics. The essential oil has strong antiseptic and disinfectant properties, especially against Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. The root owes its insecticidal property to its essential oil content. Roots are employed in Kashmir as insecticide to protect shawls and woolen fabrics. A process for treating costus roots or inulin obtained from them for the production of fructose has been reported....

Activities Peelu

Alexiteric (f KAB) Analgesic (f WOI) Antidote (f KAB X15890471) Antiplasmodial (1 X12426089) Antiplaque (1 X3505835) Antiscorbutic (f WOI) Antiseptic (1 X11887585 X15890471) Antiulcer (1 PHM6 363) Aphrodisiac (1 DEP KAB) Ascarifuge (f WOI) Astringent (f WOI) Biliousnesss (f WOI) Candidicide (1 X7898373) Carminative (f1 BOU KAB UPW WOI) Deobstruent (f KAB WOI) Diuretic (f BOU KAB FP2 WOI) Emetic (f UPW) Emmenagogue (f WOI) Febrifuge (f WOI) Fungicide (1 X7898373) Hepatotonic (f WOI) Laxative (f GHA) Litholytic (f WOI) Orexigenic (f BOU KAB) Purgative (f DEP WOI) Sedative (1 PR16 395) Sialogogue (f UPW) Stimulant (f WOI) Stomachic (f BOU WOI) Tonic (f BOU WOI) Vesicant (f WOI).

The formula provides

Vitamin E 150 i.u. - D-alpha tocopherol is a fat-soluble antioxidant found in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils which it helps to prevent becoming rancid, just as it protects fats within the body from oxidation. Its antioxidant properties help limit the damage to all body cells caused by naturally present free oxygen radicals, and therefore helps prevent cancer and ageing. Needed for maintenance of a healthy heart and circulation, normal sexual function, proper growth and repair of skin. Helps heal scar tissue, oxygenate muscles and maintain immunity. Deficiency symptoms lack of sex drive, exhaustion after light exercise, easy bruising, slow wound healing, varicose veins, loss of muscle tone, infertility.

Why am I obsessed

Prior to the introduction of L-dopa, doctors described a PD personality a person who was controlling, who had a need to do things just so, who was obsessed with orderliness and cleanliness. Today this person might be diagnosed as having an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). After the introduction of L-dopa there were reports of obsessive-compulsive behavior in many people with PD who were on L-dopa. The behavior included an obsessive fixation on sex. Indeed, at one time, L-dopa was thought to be an aphrodisiac (it is not). The behavior included an obsessive, excessive fixation on the patient's symptoms, and in some people, compulsive eating, compulsive gambling, compulsive praying, and compulsive shopping. Whether such behavior was present before L-dopa or was caused by L-dopa has never been resolved. The introduction of the dopamine agonists first Parlodel, then Permax, then Mirapex, and then Requip reignited the debate.

Activities Cinnamon

Adipogenic (1 X15468836) Allergenic (1 APA X15186386) Analgesic (f1 APA CAN ZUL) Anesthetic (f1 APA CAN TRA ZUL) Anthelmintic (f LIB) Antiaggregant (1 X10632089) Anticonvulsant (f1 LIB TRA) Antidiarrheal (f1 CAN TRA) Antiemetic (f1 HOS WO2) Antifungal (f CRC) Antihistamine (1 WHO) Antiinflammatory (f1 HOS LIB) Antileukemic (1 TRA WO2) Antilym-phomic (1 WO2) Antimycobacterial (1 PR14 303) Antioxidant (1 CRC X10641152 X14585184) Antipeptic (f1 HOS) Antiplatelet (1 X10632089) Antiprostaglandin (1 HH2 TRA) Antipyretic (f1 CRC TRA) Antiseptic (f1 APA CAN TRA WO2 ZUL) Antisialogogue (f HOS) Antispasmodic (f1 CAN MPI TRA WHO) Antitubercular (1 PR14 303) Antitussive (2 HOS) Antiulcer (f1 APA WHO) Antiviral (1 APA BGB CAN TRA) Aphrodisiac (f LIB KAB) Aromatic (f CRC) Astringent (f1 CAN TRA ZUL) Bactericide (12 APA KOM PH2 TRA WHO) Candidicide (1 APA CAN WO2 JAR12 83) Carminative (f1 APA CAN TRA VOD WHO) Choleretic (1 APA) Cir-culostimulant (1 HOS) Cordial (f CRC) COX-2 Inhibitor (1 HOS...


Saponins from ginseng root (Panax ginseng C.A. Mey.) may also be important. Antioxidant effects have been reported for total ginseng saponins and its individual saponins (ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, Rc, and Rd others include Re and Rg1). Furthermore, ginsenosides Rb1 and Rb2 protected cultured rat myocardiocytes against superoxide radicals, and the mechanism for this may involve induction of genes responsible for antioxidant defences rather than radical scavenging. Ginsenosides stimulate endogenous production of nitric oxide in rat kidney, and this may contribute to the observed antinephri-tic action of these compounds and suggest a protective role in the kidney. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the observed cardioprotective effects of ginsenosides in animal models may be mediated by nitric oxide release. In addition, ginsenoside enhanced release of nitric oxide from endothelial cells, particularly from perivascular nitric oxidergic nerves in the corpus cavernosum of animal models,...


Feeling sad or depressed may occur in parents of children with cancer. If you are consistently experiencing any of the following symptoms, it would probably be helpful to get professional help changes in sleeping patterns (sleeping too much, waking up frequently during the night, early morning awakening), appetite disturbances (eating too little or too much), loss of sex drive, fatigue, panic attacks, inability to experience pleasure, feelings of sadness and despair, poor concentration, social withdrawal, feelings of worthlessness, suicidal thoughts, or drug or alcohol abuse. Depression is very common and very treatable, and should be dealt with early.

South Asia

India is the only country in this region that uses milk and dairy products in its diet, mostly in the form of yogurt and cheese. Indian seasonings include turmeric, tamarind, saffron, cumin, coriander, cardamom, mustard, ginger, celery seed, aniseed, fenugreek, curry leaf, and coconut milk. Cashews, pistachios, and almonds are also often found in meat dishes, as well as in the variety of breads that are baked, fried, or roasted to accompany the meals. Indian meals are served with chutney, a spicy relish, or raita, a chilled yogurt to soothe the spiciness of the dish.

General uses

Parsley, with its mystic aura being wrapped in folk tradition, is said to increase female libido, also help in promoting menstruation and ease the difficulties of childbirth (Review of Natural Products, 1991 Tyler, 1994). Parsley juice can be used in treating hives and other allergy symptoms it also inhibits the secretion of histamine. Parsley has also been used as a liver tonic and helped in the breaking up of kidney stones. The German Commission E has approved parsley as a preventive measure and also for treatment of kidney stones. The parsley root can be used as a laxative and also helps to eliminate bloating. It can reduce weight by reducing excess water gain. The root can be used to relieve flatulence and colic, due to its carminative action. Parsley is rich in such minerals as calcium, thiamin, riboflavin, potassium, iron and vitamins such as A, C and niacin (Review of Natural Products, 1991 Gruenwald, 1998 Blumenthal, 1998 Tyler, 1994, 1998 Marczal et al., 1977). Parsley can be...

Chapter Eleven

The boy's original narcissistic wound is aggravated in adolescence by the hypersexuality of the adolescent male, whose female counterpart is generally not tormented by a comparable hormonal surge. The typical male adolescent experience is one of perpetual sexual arousal without an adequate outlet. This recapitulates the intensely non-gratifying situation of the Oedipal period and his feelings of inferiority vis- -vis other men. Throughout life, he can never be certain of a woman's sexual desire her sexual desire is not so evident as his own erection. This sexual difference simply intensifies his doubts about the woman's feelings for him, thus constituting another reason for him to try and control her body and soul.

Activities Coriander

Alexiteric (f BIB) Analgesic (f KAB) Anaphrodisiac (f HHB JFM) Antidote (Mercury) (1 FNF X15721537 X8914687) Antiedemic (f1 APA) Antiimplantation (1 APA) Antiinflammatory (f1 PNC) Antimutagenic (1 APA X15451560) Antinitrosaminic (1 X15451560) Antioxidant (1 JAF51 6961 X15364640) Antiperoxidant (1 X15364640) Antiradicular (1 JAF51 6961) Antiseptic (f1 PH2) Antispasmodic (f1 BGB HHB PHR PH2) Anxiolytic (1 X15619553) Aphrodisiac (f APA BOU DEP SUW) Bactericide (1 APA PHR PH2 X15612768) Cardiotonic (f GHA) Carminative (f1 APA DEP GHA HHB PHR PH2) Cerebrotonic (f KAB) Contraceptive (f APA) Digestive (f1 BGB BIB GHA IHB) Diuretic (1 APA BIB DEP) Emmenagogue (f BIB EFS) Febrifuge (f DEP) Fungicide (1 APA PHR PH2) Gastrogogue (1 PH2) Hepato-tonic (f KAB) Hypnotic (f KAB) Hypocholesterolemic (1 X15462185) Hypoglycemic (1 APA PNC) Hypolipidemic (1 X15462185) Hypotensive (f APA) Hypotriglyceridemic (1 X15462185) Lactogogue (f NMH) Larvicide (f1 APA PNC X15623234) Lipolytic (f1 BGB LAF) Mercury...

Activities Endive

Allergenic (f1 FNF) Antibilious (f BIB DEP EFS) Antioxidant (1 FAH X12137499) Antiradicular (1 X12137499) Aphrodisiac (f HJP) Bitter (f BIB) Carminative (f BIB EFS) Choleretic (f BIB) Decongestant (f HJP) Emetic (f HJP) Gout (f HJP) Demulcent (f BIB) Depurative (f HJP) Gout (f HJP) Digestive (f HJP) Diuretic (f BIB) Febrifuge (f DEP WO2) Laxative (f BIB) Orexigenic (f HJP) Refrigerant (f BIB) Resolvent (f BIB) Sedative (f HJP) Stimulant (f DEP EFS) Tonic (f BIB HJP) Vermifuge (f HJP) Vulnerary (f HJP).

Activities Nettle

Analgesic (f1 CAN DEM PH2 X15013182) Anesthetic (f1 PH2) Anthelmintic (f CRC KAB NPM SUW) Antiadrenaline (1 FAD) Antiaging (f NP9(2) 10) Antiallergic (f1 MAB) Antiaro-matase (1 SHT) Antiarthritic (f1 PH2) Antiasthmatic (fl CRC DAW NPM) Anticancer (f1 JLH MAB) Anticomplementary (1 HH3) Anticonvulsant (1 CAN) Antiedemic (f1 FT68 387 MAB) Antiexudative (1 HH3) Antihemorrhagic (f CAN) Antihistaminic (1 WAM) AntiHIV (1 PH2) Antihidrotic (f MAD) Antihyperglycemic (1 FT74 677) Antiinflammatory (f1 FT68 387 MAB PH2 X11962753) Antileukotriene (1 PP2) Antioxidant (1 X15013182) Antiperoxidant (1 X15013182) Antiproliferant (1 NP9(2) 10) Antiprostatitic (2 KOM MAB) Antiradicular (1 X15013182) Antirheumatic (f12 MAB PH2 X11950004) Antiseptic (f1 BUR CRC PED) Antispasmodic (f PED) Antitumor (f1 PED) Antiulcer (1 X15013182) Antiviral (1 MAB FT68 387) Aphrodisiac (f MAD) Aquaretic (1 SHT) Aromatase Inhibitor (1 HH3) Astringent (f1 CRC MAB PNC SUW) Bactericide (1 FAD MAB WOI) Bitter (f PED) Bradycardic...

Notes Endive

Zohary does comment that the dwarf chicory, like several of the nine Mediterranean species of Cichorium, is eaten by cattle and humans alike. A weedy progenitor is more likely to have been eaten by biblical peasants than the cultivated chicory or endive, which Zohary excludes from his account. However, neither Zohary or I now can guarantee that any or all species were or were not eaten in the biblical setting. I will wager that all that occurred there in those days served as bitter herbs. Zohary notes that chicory (and Reichardia) are only possible representatives of a large group of so-called edible bitter herbs in the Middle East, almost like our spring tonic greens down South. Not necessarily chicory, nor dandelion, nor endive, nor fenugreek were necessarily the most important of the biblical merorim (Arabic mureir), a general term to embrace many different species of bitter edible herbs.

Activities Wheat

Antibilious (f BIB) Antiinflammatory (f1 VAD) Antiseptic (f BIB) Antivinous (f BIB) Aphrodisiac (f KAB) Apopotic (1 X12681494) Bulking (1 SHT) Demulcent (f BIB) Discutient (f BIB) Emollient (f BIB ROE) Hypocalcemic (1 VAD) Hypocholesterolemic (1 VAD) Hypoglycemic (1 VAD) Hypolipemic (1 VAD) Lactagogue (f ROE) Laxative (2 BGB PH2 KAB SHT) Lipolytic (1 PH2) Orexigenic (f KAB) Peristaltic (1 PH2) Refrigerant (f TIB) Sedative (f BIB) Vulnerary (f BIB).

Activities Chickpea

(1 FNF) Antigout (1 FNF) Antihyperlipidemic (1 WO3) Antiinfertility (1 FNF) Antiinflammatory (f KAB) Antileukemic (1 WO3) Antimetaplastic (1 FNF) Antimyelotoxic (1 FNF) Antineuropathic (1 FNF) Antiperiodontotic (1 FNF) Antiplaque (1 FNF) Antipolyp (preventive) (1 FNF) Antipsychotic (1 FNF) Anti-spina-bifida (1 FNF) Antistress (1 WO3) Antiviral (1 X11848297) Aphrodisiac (f BOU DEP MPI WO2) Astringent (f WO2) Bifidogenic (1 X15850967) Cardioprotective (1 WO3) Depurative (f KAB) Diuretic (1 WO2) Estrogenic (f WO2) Flatugenic (f KAB) Fungicide (1 WO2 X12895650) Hematopoietic (1 FNF) Hypocho-lesterolemic (2 MPI WO2) Hypolipidemic (1 WO2) Immunostimulant (1 FNF) Lactagogue (f LEG) Laxative (f MPI) Lipolytic (2 MPI) Mitogenic (1 X11848297) Orexigenic (f KAB) Proteolytic (1 X11791480) Refrigerant (f WO2) Reverse-Transciptase Inhibitor (1 X11848297) Soporific (f LEG) Stimulant (f WO2) Stomachic (f MPI) Tonic (f DEP WO2) Trypsin Inhibitor (1 X11791480) Xanthine-Oxidase Inhibitor (1 FNF)...

Activities Cattail

Antiaggregant (f DAW) Antiinflammatory (f DEM) Antiseptic (1 DEM) Aphrodisiac (f AHL KAB EB29 7) Astringent (1 BIB EB29 20) Cicatrizant (f EGG) Circulostimulant (f ZUL) Cyanogenic (1 BIB) Depurative (f ZUL) Detersive (f EB29 20) Diuretic (f1 AHL BIB WBB ZUL EB29 20) Emetic (f DEM EB29 24) Febrifuge (f EB29 7) Hemostat (f1 BIB EB29 20) Lactagogue (f DAW) Litholytic (f DEM) Orexigenic (f UPW) Poison (f DAW EB29 24) Purgative (f EB29 24) Refrigerant (f DAW) Sedative (f DAW) Sterilizant (f EB31 305) Stimulant (f EB29 20) Suppurative (f DAW) Uterocontractant (f ZUL) Uterotonic (f EB29 20) Vermifuge (f DAW) Vulnerary (f DAW).

Activities Benzoin

Allergenic (1 X6239881) Anesthetic (f1 FNF) Anticancer (f1 FNF) Antiinflammatory (f1 FNF) Antimutagenic (1 FNF) Antioxidant (1 FNF) Antiseptic (f1 CRC DEP EFS SKJ) Antispasmodic (f1 FNF) Antiviral (1 FNF) Aphrodisiac (f DEP LMP) Bactericide (1 FNF) Carminative (f BIB CRC WOI) Deodorant (f CRC) Disinfectant (f CRC) Diuretic (f CRC) Expectorant (f1 CRC PH2 SKJ) Fungicide (1 FNF) Immunostimulant (1 FNF) Insecticide (1 CRC) Insectifuge (f1 FNF) Larvicide (1 IHB) Laxative (f1 FNF) Narcotic (f1 FNF) Nematicide (1 FNF) Sedative (f1 CRC FNF LMP) Stimulant (f CRC DEP EFS LMP) Vermifuge (f1 FNF) Vulnerary (f CRC EFS).

Activities Onion

Allergenic (f1 APA) Amebicide (f1 X10594976) Anthelmintic (f WHO) Antianthrax (1 LIB) Antiaggregant (12 KOM MPI SHT WHO WO3) Antiallergic (1 BRU PHR WHO) Antiana-phylactic (1 X3932203) Antiasthmatic (f1 PHR PNC) Antiatherosclerotic (f12, APA WO1) Antibiotic (1 PNC) Anticarcinogenic (1 WO3) Anticariogenic (1 LIB) Anticystitic (1 X11272677) Antidermatophytic (1 X7600010) Antidiabetic (f12 X15582196) Antidote (Tobacco) (f NAD) Antiedemic (f1 APA WHO) Antihistamine (1 WHO) Antihypercholesterolemic (1 MPI) Anti-hyperglycemic (12 GHA WHO X15582196) Antihyperlipidemic (1 BGB WHO) Antihypertensive (1 DAD) Antiinflammatory (f12 PHR VOD) Antimitotic (1 WHO) Antimutagenic (1 X9838070) Antioxidant (1 WO2 X15582196) Antiplatelet (1 BGB WHO) Antiproliferant (1 X15506817 X15890236) Antiseptic (f12 APA BGB JFM PH2) Antispasmodic (f PNC) Antithrombotic (1 X15342218) Antithromboxane (1 WHO) Antitoxigenic (1 X7600010) Antitumor (f1 APA BGB JLH) Aphrodisiac (f1 DAD SKY WHO JAC7 405) Apoptotic (1 JAF51...

Activities Saffron

Abortifacient (f12 PHR PH2) Anodyne (f APA CRC MAD) Antiaggregant (1 X16180089) Antidepressant (f12 CRC DAA PNC X15852492) Antidote (f MAD) Antiedemic (f1 APA) Anti-genotoxic (1 X11665650 X15331343) Antihysteric (f CRC) Antiinflammatory (f1 X11914135) Antilymphomic (1 JAC7 405) Antinociceptive (1 X11914135) Antioxidant (1 PR14 149 X15653110) Antiplatelet (1 X16180089) Antiradicular (1 PR14 149 X15653110) Antiseptic (f CRC HJP) Antispasmodic (f1 APA CRC HHB HJP) Antitumor (f1 PR14 149) Aphrodisiac (f APA BOU CRC MAD) Balsamic (f CRC) Cardiotonic (f CRC EFS MAD) Carminative (f1 CRC PNC VAD) Circulostimulant (f BOW X12776492) Diaphoretic (f APA CRC) Digestive (f APA BOW) Ecbolic (f CRC) Emmenagogue (f BOU CRC HHB PNC) Emollient (f APA) Expectorant (f APA CRC) Gastrogogue (f PHR PH2) Hemostat (f MAD) Hypocholesterolemic (1 APA) Hypolipemic (1 PR14 149) Hypotensive (1 APA BOW X12648816) Immunostimulant (1 X12776492) Lactagogue (f KAB) Memorigenic (1 X16028982) Myorelaxant (f APA) Narcotic...

Food Habits

There exists great diversity in language, socioeconomic status, religion, age, education, social class, location, length of time in the United States, and country of origin among Asian Americans. Hence, caution needs to be taken not to generalize or imply that food habits are similar for all individuals of this group. For example, Chinese meals consist mainly of four food groups grains, vegetables, fruit, and meat. Because of lactose intolerance, most Chinese do not consume large amounts of dairy products, substituting soymilk and tofu as sources of protein and calcium. Some Asian food, such as Thai food, is generally spicy, hot, and high in sodium. Hot peppers are used daily. The Japanese are very concerned about the visual appeal of food and the separateness of the foods and tastes. Garlic and hot pepper, commonly used among Asian Americans, are not common ingredients in the Japanese cuisine. Korean Americans eat kimchi with each meal. Kimchi is cabbage marinated in salt water,...


The hypoglycaemic effect of fenugreek seeds has been demonstrated in numerous studies involving experimentally induced diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) in rats, Fenugreek 407 Fenugreek exerts its hypoglycaemic effect by delaying glucose absorption and enhancing its utilisation (Al Habori et al 2001). Results from in vivo experiments suggest that fenugreek may increase the sensitivity of tissues to available insulin (Puri et al 2002). The active component responsible for this activity is associated with a defatted part (non-lipid extract), rich in fibre-containing steroidal saponins and proteins (Ribes et al 1986, Valette et al 1984).


Twenty years ago it was expected that the IAS regimen would be associated with extended survival, mainly through postponing the castration-resistant status 70 . The expected associated benefits were a decrease in the adverse effects of castration, such as hot flushes, decreased libido and erection, bone and muscle problems, depression, and metabolic

Sexual Dysfunction

Though PD patients rarely complain of sexual difficulties, if specifically asked, dysfunction in this area is very common. Bronner et al. (65) performed a comprehensive assessment of sexuality in 75 patients (32 women, 43 men) with PD who did not complain of problems in this area. Using specific sexual function scales, they asked patients to rate their sexuality currently and retrospectively before the onset of their PD. They found that in men, 68 had erectile dysfunction, 65 were dissatisfied with their sexual life, and 40 had difficulty reaching orgasm. In women, the major problems were difficulty getting aroused (88 ), difficulty reaching orgasm (75 ), and decreased sexual desire (47 ). Comparing scores before PD onset to the present, most patients reported a deterioration in sexual functioning with the progression of PD. Using stepwise regression, the authors found that in men, associated disease, medications, and severity of PD predicted sexual dysfunction, whereas in women,...

Promoting Lactation

Although fenugreek has been used traditionally for centuries to increase milk production and improve lactation, no controlled studies are available to confirm effectiveness. Commission E approves the external use of fenugreek as a poultice for local inflammation (Blumenthal et al 2000).

Erectile Dysfunction

A significant improvement in erectile function, sexual desire, and intercourse satisfaction was demonstrated in 45 subjects following 8 weeks' oral administration of Korean red ginseng (900 mg three times daily) in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. Subjects demonstrated significant improvement in mean International Index of Erectile Function scores compared with placebo (baseline, 28 16.7 Korean red ginseng, 38.1 16.6 placebo, 30.9 15.7) (Hong etal 2003).


Historical note Damiana is a wild deciduous shrub found in the arid and semiarid regions of South America, Mexico, United States and West Indies. It is believed that Mayan Indians used damiana to prevent giddiness, falling and loss of balance, and as an aphrodisiac. It has also been used during childbirth, and to treat colic, stop bed wetting and bring on suppressed menses. Today its leaves are used for flavouring in food and beverages, and infusions and other preparations are used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

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