Bacitracin, 1066, 1147, 1150

Bacteremia, 1269-1270

Bacteria attachment to, inhibitors of,

1066-1067 societal attitude toward, 1068-1069

Bacteriocins, 1066

Bacteriophages, 1067-1068

Bacteriotherapy, local, for Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea, 1151

Bacteroides fragilis infections, 1205-1207

Beta-lactamases genes of, 1062 inhibitors of, 1052, 1065

Beta-lactams. See also specific agents. allergy to, 1260-1261 drug interactions with, 1227-1229 resistance to, 1062-1063, 1168-1169 types of, 1051-1053

Binary toxins, Clostridium difficile, 1142

Bismuth subsalicylate, for Helicobacter pylori infections, 1131-1134

Bradycardia, relative, in penicillin allergy, 1258

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