The portal circulation

Located within the systemic circuit is the portal circulation which collects blood from the digestive organs (stomach, intestines, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen) and delivers this blood to the liver for processing, via the hepatic portal veins. As the liver has a key function in maintaining proper concentrations of glucose, fat and protein in the blood, the hepatic portal

Common-carotid artery

Ascending aorta

Descending aorta (abdominal aorta)

Brachial artery

Radial artery

Ulnar artery

Femoral artery

Popliteal artery

Posterior tibial artery

Anterior tibial artery

Dorsal artery of foot

- Superficial temporal artery

- Facial artery

Internal carotid artery

External carotid artery

Subclavian artery

Aortic arch

Celiac artery

Renal artery

Superior mesenteric artery

Inferior mesenteric artery

Common iliac artery

Internal iliac artery

External iliac artery

Fig 5.12 Main arteries system allows the blood from the digestive organs to take a detour through the liver to process these substances before they enter the systemic circulation.

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