The female reproductive system

The function of the female reproductive system is the production of sex hormones and ova (egg cells), which, if fertilised, are supported and protected until birth. The female reproductive system consists of the following internal organs lying in the pelvic cavity:

• the fallopian tubes

The external genitalia is known collectively as the vulva and consists of:

• the labia major and minor, which are lip-like folds at the entrance of the vagina

• the clitoris, which is attached to the symphysis pubis by a suspensory ligament and contains erectile tissue

• the hymen, which is a thin layer of mucous membrane

• the greater vestibular glands, which lie in the labia majora, one on each side near the vaginal opening. These glands secrete mucus which lubricates the vulva.

The breasts are accessory glands to the female reproductive system.

Fig 10.1 Female reproductive organs
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