Structure of the kidney

A kidney has an outer fibrous renal capsule and is supported by adipose tissue. It has two main parts:

• Outer cortex — this is reddish-brown and is the part where fluid is filtered from blood.

• Inner medulla — this is paler in colour and is made up of conical-shaped sections called renal pyramids. This is the area where some materials are selectively reabsorbed back into the bloodstream.

Major Renal Vein

Fig 12.1 Structure of a kidney Urine study tip

When studying the functional unit of a nephron, it may be helpful to liken it to a household recycling station. The blood is like a vehicle that transports the waste to the recycling site (your kidneys). Inside your kidneys the toxic waste is removed and any substances that the body can reuse are recycled. What is left is transported out of the recycling station and deposited as waste (urine).

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