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Milia may be removed with a sterile microlance.

Crows feet

These are fine lines around the eyes caused by habitual facial expressions and daily movement. They are associated with ageing of muscle tissue, but premature formation may be due to over-exposure to UV light or eye strain.


This is an abnormal sac containing liquid or a semi-solid substance. Most cysts are harmless.


This is reddening of the skin due to the dilation of blood capillaries just below the epidermis in the dermis.


This is a crack in the epidermis exposing the dermis. Keloid

A keloid is the over-growth of an existing scar which grows much larger than the original wound. The surface may be smooth, shiny or ridged. The onset is gradual and is due to an accumulation or increase in collagen in the immediate area. The colour varies from red, fading to pink and white.


A zone of tissue with impaired function, as a result of damage by disease or wounding is called a lesion.


A macule is a small, flat patch of increased pigmentation or discolouration such as a freckle.


Milia is sebum trapped in a blind duct with no surface opening. Usually found around the eye area, they appear as pearly, white and hard nodules under the skin.


Mole Removal

Mole Removal

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