This is a pain affecting the head excluding facial pain. It can result from diseases affecting ear, nose and throat such as sinusitis, as well as eye problems which could be corrected by glasses. Types of headaches include:

• Simple headache - this may occur at times of stress, during mensruation, the day after heavy alcohol consumption and part of cold and flu symptoms. These are transient and would normally settle spontaneously or require simple analgesia.

• Chronic headaches - these are daily headaches and tension headaches. The pain can be severe and disabling and can affect the whole head, behind the eyes or may be just a frontal headache. The client can describe the pain as like a band around the head.

• Cervical spines (cervicalgia) - this is normally in the back and sides of the head and can present with neck pain.

Migraine headache - this is a specific form of headache, usually unilateral (one side of the head), associated with nausea or vomiting and visual disturbances such as scintillating light waves or zigzag fashion.

• Intracranial (inside brain) diseases - these are headaches caused by diseases such as a brain tumour, can present with nausea and vomiting and may cause other neurological signs and symptoms.

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