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A dry skin is so called because it is either lacking in sebum or moisture, or both. It develops as a result of under-activity of the sebaceous glands.

The skin's natural oil, sebum, lubricates the corneum layer and in the absence of this oily coating the dead cells start to curl up and flake. The sebum coating also helps to prevent moisture loss by evaporation. Therefore, due to a lack of sebum, dry skin has difficulty retaining inner moisture.

Although dry skin is hereditary, it can also develop as a result of the ageing process. Distinguishing features:

The skin looks dry, often parched.

To the touch the skin will feel papery and even a little coarse. The texture will appear thin and coarse and there may be patches of flaking skin.

The skin often takes on the appearance of 'parchment' and is often sensitive and prone to the formation of dilated capillaries and milia around the eye and upper cheek area.

Due to the dryness this type of skin tends to age prematurely, with fine lines becoming evident around the eyes even as soon as in the early to mid 20s.

The pores are small and tight due to the lack of sebum production. The skin does not usually have good elasticity.

When questioned,, the client will usually report that their skin feels tight and dry. They may also complain of sensitivity and premature ageing.

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