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A cleft palate occurs when the palatine bones don't fuse during fetal development. Consequently, with the palatine unconnected, an opening exists between the roof of the mouth and the nasal cavity.

Student activity

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Name of bone/s


Turbinate x 2

Layers of bone located either side of the outer walls of the nasal cavities

Vomer x 1

A single bone at the back of the nasal septum

Palatine x 2

L-shaped bones which form the anterior part of the roof of the mouth

The sinuses

There are four pairs of air-containing spaces in the skull and face called the sinuses. The function of the sinuses is to lighten the head, provide mucus and act as a resonance chamber for sound. The pairs of sinuses are named according to the facial bones by which they are located. They are the frontal sinuses, the sphenoidal sinuses, the ethomoidal sinuses and the maxillary sinuses which are the largest.

Fig 3.5 Bones of the vertebral column
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