Apolipoproteins CII and CIII

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Apolipoproteins C-II and C-III both play a major role in VLDL metabolism. Apolipoprotein C-II and C-III stimulate and inhibit, respectively, lipoprotein lipase, the enzyme responsible for hydrolyzing the triglycerides in VLDL. In one study comparing apolipoprotein E levels among low (<20 g alcohol/day), moderate (20-50 g/ day), heavy (>50 g/day) and alcoholic (>100 g/day) drinkers showed a significant increase in serum apolipoprotein C-III levels with increasing alcohol consumption [43], Incubating human hepatoma cells with alcohol with concentrations up to 50 mM had no effect on apolipoprotein C-II or apolipoprotein C-III secretion [43],

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