The Dangers Of Drinking

Because alcohol impairs your brain's ability to function, drinking alcohol can be especially dangerous when the drinker then gets behind the wheel of an automobile. The leading cause of death for teenagers is automobile accidents, and some estimates suggest that alcohol is a factor in nearly half of these crashes.

Alcohol also poses other dangers for teens. Its depressant effect can prompt some to consider suicide. Alcohol consumption can be a factor in sexual assaults and date rapes. It can contribute to violent behavior and is often a factor in homicides and fatal injuries. In short, alcohol can create side effects that are not merely dangerous for the drinker, but for others around him or her. Teens need to be aware of what

This schematic diagram highlights the interactions between influences, motivating factors, drinking patterns, and routine activities and consequences related to using alcohol. The complex relationship between acceptable alcohol use and the development of alcoholism is different for every drinker and is influenced by the individual's environment, body chemistry, and genetic predisposition.

alcohol is and how it affects their bodies before they decide to take that drink.

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