What Doctors And Health Professionals Should Know About Young People

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Kids have changed over the years. They don't sit back and listen anymore. If there is a chance for their point to be heard, they will say it. Teenagers like to have fun and be childish at times, but we do like to be treated as adults and given choices, and not have choices made for us.

Doctors and health professionals should know that young people like people to talk to them. They should understand that it's not the parents who have the condition; it is the young person's and that who the doctors should be discussing it with.

We do not want to be treated different to any other young person.

Doctors and health professionals should know that young people want to enjoy their teenage years as much as possible. We want independence, and we can make our own choices and have our own opinions. We are becoming adults and have the opportunities to make something of our future lives.

Many doctors and health care professionals just cannot see the difference between a ten-year-old and a sixteen-year-old.

However, they should know that young people of all ages have different needs and therefore require helpful support and advice from their rheumatology team. Healthcare professionals should appreciate that ten-year-olds, may not require the same support and advice as fifteen-year-olds who are going through a difficult stage in their lives because of several reasons, not just their illness.

Doctors and other health care professionals should know that, a sixteen-year-old for who has juvenile arthritis, life can sometimes be hell. Not always, but there are times when I am immobile, housebound and restricted to the same people, day in day out. As well as affecting my general well-being, it also affects my social life, which is not good.

Other doctors must understand that rheumatology doctors are well qualified and equipped for their job of looking after care of teenagers with lupus. Teenagers with lupus need a doctor who can explain clearly what is happening and going to happen. Young people with lupus need a doctor as well as a friend.

Doctors and health professionals should know what it's like to be a kid. It would help them get better in the best way without trying to take away things we like.

The main aspect that they need to be aware of is that the coping with a disease such as juvenile arthritis is only half of the battle. Like all other young people of a similar age, arthritis or rheumatic sufferers have to deal with the growing up issues that face everyone. Doctors and health professionals should be experienced or be able to deal with aspects of growing up, education, social relationships, being independent and getting jobs. This, in turn, will help and benefit the young person if the health professionals have prior knowledge and are able to communicate effectively with the patient.

I really don't like being treated as my "parents' child." I find people who respect me for who I am so much easier to get on with.

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