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Finally, the use of "trigger questions" is particularly useful for exploring the more sensitive areas of enquiry. Several have been already used as examples in the preceding text. Table 5 lists some further examples of these useful

Table 5 Trigger Questions in Adolescent Rheumatology

Disease-related questions

Can you explain your condition in your own words? How would you tell someone about your condition?

What information have you found on your disease in books, the internet, on TV, and from experts?

Do you know other people who have the same condition?

Who knows that you have this illness?

What do other people think of you having this illness (peers, teachers, neighbors, etc.)?

Why do you think you have this condition?

What does this illness prevent you from doing (be very specific!) now and later in your life?

If your condition disappeared overnight, what would you spend tomorrow doing? (A useful question for parents as well!)

Therapy-related questions

Can you tell me why you need your particular treatments?

Who does what in your treatment? (What is your role? What is your parent's role?)

How do you approach the prescriptions, tasks?

How much time does managing the condition take you and/or your parents?

How does the schedule of the tasks fit into your schedule/social life/average day?

When was the last time you forgot to take your medicine/do your therapy?

Can you estimate what percentage of the prescribed treatment you took/performed in the last two weeks?

General health and well-being questions

Describe a typical day at home/school/on a weekend to me.

How do you compare yourself to peers in your class/grade? Are you small? Do they have more or less breast development compared to you? Have they started their periods yet?

What do you like about your body? What would about it you like to be different?

Have your periods started already?

Some young people experiment with cigarettes and alcohol. In your grade at school, do people smoke/drink/use illicit drugs? What about your friends? And you?

If you needed advice, for example, regarding alcohol/drug use or sexual health, where would you go?

What do you enjoy in life?

Tell me about your friends. How many friends do you have? What is the age of this/ these friends?

What do you do with your friends out of school?

What can you do on your own? What would you like to do on your own?

What are your future plans? How do you plan to achieve them?

What would help you make your life more enjoyable?

Many young people feel down or sad at times. When did you last feel sad? Who do you go to/talk to when you feel like this? Have you ever felt that life is not worth living? Have you ever thought about harming yourself?

Source: Adapted from Euteach curriculum (

questions, which can be used to appropriately elicit important information as a basis for delivering adolescent-centered rheumatology health care.

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