Growing Up Meeting Someone Special

It's hard, especially, like, as you get older and you start getting into relationships. That's always hard because you're like "shall I tell the person straightaway" because what happens?—I'm good now, but what happens in a few months, I might have a little bit of a bang, I might fall over—will it come back?—and then having to try and explain that.

When you are at the hospital, the boyfriend does get shoved out the way. But it's like now. I want him here. He's in my life. He looks after me. He needs to know, so it was really difficult the first couple of times he came with me, they weren't going to tell him what was wrong with me.

When I was 12 they were going to put me on a drug that would make me sterile. They didn't tell me about it. They took my mom into the office and said, "We want to give him this." She said "Does it make him sterile? Go and ask him."

One big issue that comes up with people—but they don't talk about it, and it's never dealt with, and people are too embarrassed to ask doctors about it—is the problem with sex, and either they don't want to ask because they're embarrassed or they think that they're too young and they shouldn't be—and it's all different issues to do with that. I mean, not only just the problems of the arthritis itself, the pain and things like that, I've never been spoken to at all about, and I didn't realize that there would be a problem, I hadn't even thought about it because I'm on such high doses of steroids and I'm on them all the time. I'm constantly suffering with thrush. Nobody ever, ever discusses that. Nobody says "well you could do this to help or you could do that." I mean what do you do when it's just too painful or you start passing it on to your partner, because you've got it so bad that

All I've been told is if and when I get pregnant, there's a good chance that my hips and my leg joints would flare up because of the extra weight to carry. That's it, that's all I've been told. When I think about the tablets I'm on, whether you can actually still take them when you're pregnant, and stuff like that, I don't know.

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