Growing Up Looking After Yourself

It does get very embarrassing, especially if you're stuck in the bath and you can't get out. You just get embarrassed, especially if your parents are there, and you don't want your parents to pick you up out of the bath. You don't want your parents taking you to the toilet. It's embarrassing.

Because I've got problems with my shoulder as well, so I have to choose tops which I can get on easily, and they're not always the ones I like, but I find the others hard to get on.

I couldn't do simple things like put my socks on and things like that, and it was only when I came into hospital that I realized—this occupational therapist came round, and she said you can get gadgets that do this and that. They don't tell you that either, so you have to rely on, like, your mom, dad or a friend to do things. Like your shoelace comes undone, and you can't do it up, so you have to ask your friend to do it.

I find it hard to buy shoes because one of my feet is bigger than the other, so it's really hard to buy a pair of shoes that fit both feet.

Well, I mean, the most dreaded thing is of course starting periods, how do you go on with that when you can't even pull your own knickers down? How can you manage to put your pad on or use a tampon? Would you want your mom doing that?

It would be very useful if somebody sat there saying you can drive.

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