For Patients

1. Doctor's Guide to Osteoporosis—( Geared toward professionals this website features Medical News & Alerts, which provide the latest research and drug news on osteoporosis in one place.

2. Mayo Clinic, What Is Osteoporosis?—( pted/htm/osteopor.htm) Describes the disease, its causes, diagnosis, risk factors, prevention, and treatment information in a Q&A format.

3. International Osteoporosis Foundation—( The International Osteoporosis Foundation supports national osteoporosis societies to increase the awareness and understanding of the disease worldwide.

4. National Osteoporosis Foundation—( The National Osteoporosis Foundation's Web page is comprehensive and offers information for both professionals and consumers.

5. National Osteoporosis Society—( uk) Designed for kids and teenagers a website where informations, quizzes, games and stories about healthy bones can be found.

6. National Osteoporosis Association—(

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